Bring our own stroller or rent one?


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Mar 9, 2001
Should we bring our own strollers (2 umbrella) or rent a double stroller? We will only be at WDW for 2 full days. I'm afraid that our DDs (3 and 6) won't want to walk from bus to hotel room which I've read can be quite a hike.
We have been to DW the last 4 years in a row (5th this May) First time we rented and found we could save alot of money by buying an umbrella stoller and it has been a life saver. However, we are normally there 7 to 8 days so the cost for you wouldn't be as much.
I would bring a stroller for the hotel, if you are at one of the larger resorts. The walk can be very long to the food court and bus stop. Even leaving the parks to the bus stop or parking lot can be a long walk when you are holding a tired child. The first trip we made with our son I did not take one and really wished I had.
Hey, I'm in Chicago, too! Welcome! I have been debating this issue the last few months! I've pretty much changed my mind about bringing your own. In '91, traveled with then-3yo DS, then again in '93, with then-5yo DS (rented both times, first trip no prob! 2nd trip 2 park strollers stolen and, didn't know about showing receipt to get another one!!) Upcoming trip, now 13yoDS and "new" addition 3yo DD, we're either bringing one from home or, I found this great site to rent anything-baby for your trip - All About Kids. I didn't check the daily rental fee but, it must be lower than the parks fees besides, they deliver to your hotel and you'll have the use of it during those trips from the parks to the buses/trams/cars/hotel, etc. & vice versa. It seems to be a nice mid-way alternative and not very expensive, at least not for us spending a week! For a 2-day trip, if it's the first time(!), I would probably rent. Mind you, I haven't been to WDW in 5 years and don't know the strollers newest conditions. There are a lot of places "out there" though that can help! (That's why I'm either bringing or renting off-site!)

Check out the Disney with Families board for ALOT of stroller debates!

Enjoy the "WORLD"! ;)

I would say bring your own. It can be a pain waiting in line to rent a stroller. It's nice to have your own at the end of a long day too, when you're waiting for the monorail or bus. Also, they come in handy around your resort. :cool:

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My only tip is to bring a stroller you wouldn't mind losing or suffering wear & tear. Theft while you are on the rides is not usually a problem but it is a reality.


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Do you have the website address for All About Kids? Please post it for me.

Thanks !
We've always rented Disney strollers and were glad we didn't have to drag them onto the bus like everyone else seemed to struggle to do. Our kids were perfectly happy in them, and we didn't have any worries about the strollers getting lost or stolen.

If you do end up renting, be sure to tie some sort of brightly colored bandana or other identifying thing to your stroller so you can pick it out easily since CMs sometimes move them around while you're in line.

My kids have done both, brought their own and rented. When my Grandson was three, we rented, big mistake, the strollers did not recline and it was impossible to get him to nap in them. Last year at four years old, we hauled his stroller from Chicago. All the strollers in the parks had been replaced with new ones of a better design, and would have been perfect. The drawback to bringing your own is that you have to drag it on the transportation systems. The drawback to renting is the lines. My daughter says she likes renting better. Also, we left her stroller parked allover the place, full of our stuff, and nobody ever bothered anything, yes, they move them around, but that's all.


Still checking my other posts for web site address. Couldn't find it again myself - will need to get URL from previous reply to my post. I'll get back to you ASAP! Kim
Thanks for all the advice!!! and Thanks KimRaye for the number.

2 more DAYS !!!!!


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