BoYfRiEnDs?? GiRLfRiEnDs??

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Apr 6, 2001
Anyone here got boyfriends or girlfriends? wanna spill why they are the greatest (or worst...) part of your life? wanna spill all the goods of being single?or wanna tell the world about ur secret crush?? SPILL!! heres your moment to tell everyone your feelings...and get advice about what to do about someone you like!!
I've been single for a while now and actually...i can tell everyone here that im pretty happy like that. I've gone out with 3 guys...and they were all COMPLETLY different. Steve was my "Perfect guy" but he dumped me so that didnt work out...Sean was a cutie but he never called me and could never go anywhere...Nick was...Nick lol!! hes weird and hes still weird only now its in a bad way (hes mean to me now). I like being single because its really fun and you never feel guilty when you flirt or say someones hott!! its just more fun for me right now!! yes i know its great to go out with someone who really cares about you because you feel so wonderful around them and everything...but being single is NOT bad! its really cool to be a single chica!
My advice to you people...: ITS NOT BAD to be single sometimes!! chances are you wont find your future husband/wife in Jr. Hi and rarley ever you find someone perfectly perfect in highschool! just wait and date and someday you'll find your special someone!!
I don't really need a relationship with a girl yet. I don't think anybody really needs one unless they are mature enough to have one (and most kids at my age are not mature enough to have one).
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I'm 16 1/2 & i've been going out w/my boyfriend for 19 months (& 3days.. lol). He's the greatest, & definately one of my best friends, we can talk about anything! I don't even remember what it's like to be single... then again, i don't really want to... cuz i'm happy rite now! :) Don't try to rush into having a boyfriend if you're younger & just want one to have to call a "boyfriend." Enjoy being young! umm.. i can't think of anything else to say... i gave a couple words of wisdom.. lol</font>
Im 15 years old and i have a girlfriend and she dose not want me to tell any one that we are gooing out but she is getting mad at me because i have told som people that we were going out but i have not told anyone. What should i do?:confused:
Not to sound cocky, but I would need at least an hour to type about my different girlfriends(Ive had like 20 in the past few years), and thats not including the girls that Ive just hooked up with. Anyway, I had a crush on my last girlfriend for 2 and a half years, then we went out towards late March, then we broke up last week, while we were in Orlando. We broke up because we have really different personalities and she was VERY jealous and controlling. Regardless, I'm single now, which Im never sad about(especially when Ive hooked up with 2 girls this week.) And another booster was picking up 12 girls in MGM the day after me and her broke up.
[COLOR=royal blue]To Crazytrack27:
do you have any idea why she doesnt want you telling people? because usually I want to tell all my friends about it. if shes really getting mad for you telling some close friends then maybe shes not ready for a boyfriend. Thats all the advice i can give LOL
I totally agree that you're probably not gonna find the person you spend the rest of your life w/ in Jr. Hi! Actually, I'd be kinda scared if I ever ended up marrying any of the guys in my school!
I'm single 4 now. BUT there's this guy who everyone I know (girls anyway) say that I should go out w/ cuz we would look so cute together. And we're gonna be in Washington D.C. this weekend, and they might try to hook me up w/ him on the Dinner cruise on fri. night. I don't know!
I have a boyfriend!! It will be 6 months on May 14th!!! He is a great guy!! He really sweet and caring and very smart!!! He has blonde hair, blue eyes, braces and is about 5'8 or so(Im 5'6). He in 8th grade and Im in 9th. We go to different schools and we will go to different schools next year too. It doesnt bother me about going to different schools, its more special when we do get to see each other.

To the person above that doesnt know what to do about the girl that gets mad for tellnig people about going out...are yall like form different cliques in school?? Maybe she doesnt want to date anyone or maybe shes not supposed to date. Thats weird that she wont tell anyone. Maybe she thinks people will take yall are a "weird" couple or something.
I'm 17, and I've been going out with my girlfriend Talli for about 10 and a half months now. If you want an exact're gonna have to ask her...our relationship started as a mutual crush, but the thing was, we thought we hated each other when we met! We went to prom last year, and then after school was out we spent a weekend together at the beach (cape may, jersey shore) which pretty much clinched it. :cool: I
I hate thinking about the future, but right now staying together at least until we graduate sounds like a pretty good idea. I've had other relationships before Talli that weren't as know, different personalities, etc....i went out with a blonde ice skater who, after we broke up, began to remind me of an annoyed house cat (<i>MEOW! hisss....</i>) nuff said...and then there was the goth artist girl with the purple hair and black nail polish. All O.K. people, and i guess i learn more about myself every time i have a relationship with a different kind of girl. Which brings me to Talli, who actually can put up with a sentimental introspective guy like me and still feel incredible about it. OK, i'm done, thanks for listnin. *laughs*

i havent had to many boyfriends before. But im not sure i would WANT to go out with any of the boys in my school.LOL, their are a few good ones though.
I have a boyfriend and we will have been going out for six months may 30th. I am in seventh grade and he is in sixth. we both go to the same school to
Hey musicprincess!!! where did you get the icon with the three girls at. I have been lookin for those so i can put them on my web site.. please get back to me on this.
I take offence to any one who thinks that 14/15 year olds are not older enough to have boy friends.
I had 5 during the last school year, but that's only cause I went out with 4 of them to get over the first one.
I went out with my first boyfriend for over 4 months and was totally hooked on him when, his dad got a job in PA and they had to move. That was at the end Oct., and I don't think I very really got over him.
Thank full he's moving back on June 15, and he can't to take me out on the 16th of June. He's the most wonderful person I know, and Even though he lived half the country away, we've stayed in touch. I don't think your ever to young to fall in love.
PREACH Girly2004!!!!

I boyfriend and I are having problems rigt now and hate it!!! I really like him enough and I agree that you can never be too young to love!!!
People get this idea that teens dont know what we are doing and I wann tell them they are wrong!!! I have my head on straight and know what I want!! Im smart and I know what I want!!! just because most of teens smoke and drink and dunno what they want dont judge us all that way!!!
Thank You WDWfanatic288!
I'm so sick of being told that "Oh your to young to know what love is. your only in it for sex, and to drink and smoke." Well, I for one was raised right and I know where to draw the line, and so do all my boyfriends. I've got a line of how personal we can get and theres no moving the line.
I've been in love for almost a year, and even the time when we are apart I still know there's no one else like hm for me. He makes me feel like a princess. even the little things he does like calling to check on me when I miss a day of school mean so much to me. It's like the best feeling in the world to fall asleep knowing that some in this world is truly worried about you and your health.
Love, Christy
The words I have for guys who have the gall to ignore any personal connection (on <i>any</i> level in a relationship) and just date a girl to get laid...I...don't think I'm can say on here. *laughs*

I don' t think there's a universal age limit for falling in love, but I do think that people fall in love on different planes at different times in their lives. I mean from my POV, had I not gone through the relationship with my ex-girlfriend, I probably wouldn't be in such a wonderful relationship with Talli, my girlfriend now. Though...being with Talli feels so right that when i try and think about anything else...i can't, at least right now. I guess thats anybodys right, even if it happens for you when you're 12 vs. 16 or even 20.

You know I've come a cross as really rude in my last two posts. Its just that people act like they were never 15, or never in Love. Everyone thinks that they know how I'm going to act or what I'm going to say and the truth is that they have no clue.
Thanks Joe Cool! for you post. I've had boyfriends who only went out with me because they wanted to get laid and when that didn't happen they broke off the relationship. And that is tough on a girl, but that doesn't mean I'm going to change my values to fit them. I have to put my self and what I think is right before anything else.
And me being in Love has done nothing to change that. If for some reason It looked like Derek was only after me for only one reason and that was to get laid then I would stop the relationship. It would hurt me for a while, but I'm still young and I would find someone new.

Lots of Love,
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