Boudreaux trip report part 2

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    Aug 29, 1999
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get to part 2.

    We LOVED California Adventure! Sure it didn't have as many attractions as DL but DH and I could see it's potential. I think the open spaces are one of the things we liked. Our absolute favorite was Soaring over California; this is an absolute must. Next was Grizzly River Run. Fortunately we stayed at the GC so if we got too soaked (which I did one time) getting to the room to change was no problem. Disney animation was incredible. The interactive parts were a lot of fun. Muppets 3D is the same as Disney Studios Fla., always good. The "Who wants to be a Millionaire show was good too. Super star Limo was a bust. My kids liked it but DH and I thought it was terrible; no wonder there was NO line. We love It's tough to be a Bug. The tractor yard was a neat little stop. The Challenge Trail was a lot of fun for all of us, the kids had a great time and so did I. Mulholland Madness was very herky jerky, if you've got a bad back I would think twice about this ride. Sun Wheel was a disappointment. DH did California Screemin and loved it.
    Sorry to just list what we liked and didn't. It's too hard to remember each and every day. Even right when we got back all the days just ran together. Over all it was a great trip. Not too many pet peeves.

    The weather was great with just a little chill in the air most of the day.

    I'll do our pet peeves now.

    There was a general attitude with a lot of the cast members. I can't put my finger on it but I sometimes got the feeling that the people working there did not want to be. I can understand that feeling but I have never seen it so wide spread at a Disney park or facility. Now not all cast members were this way, but enough to make me think, "what the heck is going on." Another thing is the rudeness of more than just a few people in the parks. May be it's because I'm used to Southern Hospitality but there were SO many rude people walking thru the parks that I wondered what could have them in such a bad mood in the "Happiest Place on Earth." Maybe it is because I grew up in New Orleans but the Blue Bayou restaurant was a disappointment, I've only been to 1 restaurant in New Orleans where it was so dark I couldn't see the menu or the food when it was ordered. But now, they have better lighting and oddly enough more business. I understand that there is a ride going thru but come on; putting the lights up just a notch would not hurt the atmosphere. On top of that the food was nothing to get excited about, but like I said we're from NO.

    I guess that's it!

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    Mar 25, 2000
    You listed 3 of my favorite rides - Soarin', Screaming and Grizzly. Thanks for posting!
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    Aug 27, 1999
    Thanks so much for posting.. we are planning a trip this summer, haven't been for more than 10 years, can't wait!!!

    Love to see these reports, Don't be shy people!!!


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