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Feb 12, 2002
Help!!! I have been reading board in preparation for our first cruise. I see lots of discussions regarding sodas and wine.

Does anyone knows if bottled water is available or do I need to plan to bring some? Any help is greatly appreciated.

On our May '01 Cruise on the Magic, I remember that the crew had bottled water available "for sale" to passengers as they left the Magic for shore excursions. I am also fairly sure that it can be bought in at least one of the on-board shops. We brought our own (in our suitcases) and stored it in the in-room mini-refrigerator. Enjoy your cruise, we go again (without the kids this time!!) in 124 days!!!

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Thanks Howard!!!! Have to put that on the shopping list among other things....:D
I carried several cases of bottled water onboard with me on our cruise, but wished I hadn't... bottled water is HEAVY. Besides, the drinking water available at the Deck 9 beverage station tasted much better than I expected... much better than Florida water.

It seems that they desalinate and chlorinate seawater for all onboard water purposes. Drinking water is then additionally filtered to remove the chlorine taste. So, I suggest bringing a few empty water bottles with you, filling them at the Deck 9 beverage station, and letting one bottle chill in your in-room fridge while you're enjoying the other bottle. (But don't fill your bottles from the tap of your bathroom sink... although that water is safe, it is not the extra-filtered drinking water.)

Dave.. THANKS for the info regarding deck 9. I will bring some bottles but not a many as I thought as I would have too (for four of us).

Can't wait for the trip!!!!! Now I need to decide on Nassau!!!
I am a big water drinker, and can be quite fussy, but I have no problem with the ship water. We bring along a few bottles and refill them on Deck 9 once they are drained. This has worked out very well on the last several trips.
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Listen to Dave and Barb on this one - I was glad I did. On our first Disney cruise, I lugged on a bunch of water and never even thought to test out the ship's drinking water. I took their advise on our second cruise - and they were so right. I will even venture to say that the water supplied on deck 9 was actually better than the delivered bottled water we have for our home cooler.:D


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