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Earning My Ears
Jan 25, 2001
Going to WDW frm June 27-July 5 and have a 2day pass left-over frm 2yrs ago when IOA first opened. My daughter got sick while in US and we had to leave early. Want to use that same pass this trip but only one day left and the other people in my party really do not want to do US/IOA but since I have the tix they are willing to spend one day. We are renting a car so I don't want to be inconsiderate to others wishes. Is it possible for us to do both parks in one day. I really want to see IOA but I have always loved US as well. Is it possible? Has any one ever done this before? :D ;)
Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable.... good question. I highly doubt that you could see EVERYTHING in one day. But if you just picked out your favorite attractions at both parks you could probably swing it. I'm sure you could see most of the major attractions. We did basically everything at IOA in June. We started when it opened and were done by 4:00. Same with US. That why I doubt you could see everything in a day, but like I said, pick the best attractions and have fun!

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THAT is Disney! ;-)
We did it in Feb!
You can't possibly see everything but we managed to fit in most of the things we wanted to see.
We went to IOA first thing. Did Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Cat in the Hat and Poseidon's Fury.
Went to US about 11.30am. Did MIB, BTTF, Kids played in curious George's playground for 1/2 hour, ET, Earthquake, Twister, Hannah Barbara. Finished about 4.30pm.
We didn't do the big rides, Hulk etc, as DH and I have done them before and the boys are too small but we could have stayed in the parks for another 3/4 hours until closing and done more.
The trick is to pick the rides you want to go on at both and do those and not worry about doing absolutely everything.
Hope you have a great time.

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Just want to thank both of you for your help.
We are definetly going to do it. And to find out that it was done in June is a +. I have already planned what we want to go on....Again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I would highly recommend you plan what attractions you want to see and ride. Know where they are in each park. This will save you some time which in your case is limited. There are great interactive maps at, Universal's website. Have a great time!
As long as it's not too crowded, you should have no problem seeing most of both parks. We went the second week in May last year, arrived an hour before IOA opens and left an hour before USH closed. We saw all the major attractions at both parks, had a nice lunch, looked in all the stores, did not rush, ect.. We even rode a few things twice. I would suggest mapping out everything you want to do before you get there - including where you might want to eat. You might want to call up USF guest relations the day before you arrive and ask for the show schedule, if there is a show you don't want to miss out on!!!! - some shows have only a few performances. Have a great trip!!!! - Karen


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