Bobcat and Cubs-The beginning.

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  1. bobcat

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Cast of Characters:
    bobcat - 30 super planner, driver, tour guide and Mom.
    cub 1 - DD Katie, celebrating her 10th birthday this trip.
    Best big sis in the world.
    cub 2 - DS Brice, annoying little brother and constant source of
    amusement, or annoyance depending on the moment.

    August 7th - August 18th 2002

    After months of planning and quite a few changes our trip had finally arrived. I wanted a longer trip this year and since I teach the only time to do this is summer. We were in the world last August and while the crowds were ok, the heat and rain weren't. I decided to give August another shot this year and see how it went. DU booked our trip and again did a fabulous job. I hate having to remember to call for PS and this is the way to go.

    Since we drive and I am off for the summer we have no hard schedule except our hotel ressies in the world. I found out about the $20 Courtyard DTD rate and was able to get the night before we moved to ASMo so we were leaving a day earlier than originally planned. We also wanted to spend some time at the beach this trip. Our other priorities were to buy APs so we didn't feel we had to "get our money's worth" out of our hoppers and offset the cost of next years annual trip. DD turned 10 three days after we would get home so she would still be able to get a child's AP. We also had a few rides that were a must do for each of us.

    Day 1 - Leaving Ohio

    Short and Sweet - we left a little later then I had planned, after a sleepless night filled with anticipation. Finally left the house around 9am secure I remembered everything. :D Trip was pretty tame, stopped for a picknic lunch at Tamarack, traffic in Charlotte was bad (as usual), and we had to stop at two different places to get a milkshake in the afternoon. Arrived at Kingsland GA around 11:30 pm, gassed up and crashed at the Super 8. We have stayed at the super 8 before and while it is starting to show some wear it is always super clean and the staff is very nice. The continental breakfast was only donuts, although they were crispy cream, and tang/coffee. They had more last year. Lights out.

    Tolls = WV turnpike $3.75
    Hotel = $37 plus tax ( about $10 more than last year )
    Gas = Started with a full tank, $10 one stop and filled up at
    Kingsland $1.13/gal.
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    Mar 25, 2000
    And your trip is off to a good start - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 9, 2001
    Saw your trirp reports were up and had to grab another cup of coffee. Didn't really want to start doing chores yet anyway. Looks like you're off to a good start. I see you don't drive I75 from Ohio....I prefer the other way too. Off to read the next.

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