Big points added to my Mypoints Acct


Aug 18, 1999
I was finally able to get max for 50 in automotive today - after being unsuccessful the past two days -- and I noticed that my point balance had jumped. I went into acct history and it shows that it's from my MyPoints CC - which usually does not come in until the beg of the month -- does anyone else have extra points? Was there some shopping holiday promotion that I don't remember?
DeDixie- If I remember right, the promotion for holiday shopping was, depending on how much you spend going through mypoints, you will get double or triple points for shopping. Those extra points should be added to your account at the end of February.
I am definitely going to rethink a My points CC...I didn't want to get one, but I think it would be worth it in the end for me...:) Nothing like getting something for free! :)

who else has a My points CC??

I've had a MyPoints CC for 9 months and have earned over $300.00 in WebCertificates. The holiday promotion really helped boost the total. I just ordered another $50.00 in WCs. We use the card for everything and pay it off every month. (The only way my husband will let us use a CC) That way it doesn't cost us anything - all rewards are a bonus! I have not had any difficulty with NextCard although I remember reading that some people have had some problems. I found the MyPoints Card pays much better than the Discover Card I had before. I would be interested in knowing what card others use and how the payback is.

Good Luck!
I have one! I do have a hassle sometimes getting the points but I do end up getting them eventually and it most definitely makes my account have LOTS of points. To me it is worth it. Sometimes I get aggravated having to keep sending emails for the points but I sure wasn't aggravated when I got my $50 worth of webcertificates the other day. You can also look at your credit card transactions on the web which is pretty convenient to me.


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