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Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2000
Hi all -- I am new to this board, and thrilled to be here, but full of questions! I have been doing lots of reading, trying to research money-saving ways to stay at the D/S. (Target travel dates are May 19 - 24.) I THINK I may have it down, but I'm left wondering if maybe there's something I am still missing!! As of now, it looks to me like these are the only ways to discount your stay at the D/S:

1.) A teacher, nurse, military or gov employee discount. I am a county gov employee (of our public library system) so this naturally interests me! Can anyone tell me what ID you need to provide when you check in? Pay stub? Photo badge?

2.) Take a huge gamble on Priceline. (Many, many thanks here to BethR who pointed me to TravelSheryl's great Priceline board!) Anyway, from what I can tell, D/S doesn't come up often enough to chance the odds.

3.) AAA. I am a member so this looks good too.

4.) Entertainment book. We have one of these and I have the club card included with it.

Sorry to have this be so long, but my question is -- is that it? Anything else out there for me to consider? Any suggestions as to which of these would be best for me to pursue? Oh yeah, the other thing I should add I guess is that I will be traveling with my dh and 2 1/2 yr old son.

THANKS so much in advance for any help! :)

If I were you, I would call about the Gov. rate. I got a price of $129/night as a teacher in Oct. From what I have seen, it seems that the teacher/gov. rate is 50% off, while the AAA/Entertainment rate is 25% off.

When I booked our stay for the first week in April, the customer service rep first guoted $355.00 per night. When I asked for the Government Rate, she quoted $129.00 per night, but told me if I didn't have my government ID or other proof of government employment at check-in, the rate would revert to the $355.00 per night.

You should also go to the S/D website and apply for a Starwood Prefered Guest card. Membership is free, you get a choice of frequent flier miles or frequent guest points, and a free upgrade if available at check-in.

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The TEACH/GOV/NURSE rates are more like 60% of rack @ $129 per night.

Disney Club card, Entertainment card are 50% of rack at $155 per night.

The above are based on availibility and for a standard room.

AP is 50% of rack with an automatic room upgrade (at time of booking, so it is gauranteed) and late check out!


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