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  1. yarmy58

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    Jan 14, 2009
    We are going to universal studios middle of may just for a day,obviously we want to do as much as we can,has anyone got a good strategie for the day??
  2. alice99

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    Nov 15, 2008
    If you plan to see both parks than definitely start at Islands of Adventure, get there at opening. It gets more crowded. I can PM you with details on what to skip, to get on to the better rides
    Bring throwaway rain ponchos for the "water" rides, you will get soaked on Bluto's , Dudley Do Right and possibly Jurassic Park ride. These are situated near each other. I buy the $.59-$.89 camping ponchos in Walmart, then chuck them in the garbage after finishing these rides. Or , if I am feeling generous, I give them to another family.
    They don't have "fast-pass". They charge $25.00 per person for an all-day "fast-pass". Not worth it. These parks may not be so crowded in May.
    Though I am new to this board I am a veteran at these parks. Please PM me if you need more detail. Have a great time.
  3. lovetoscrap

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    Feb 15, 2003
    I am moving this to our Universal Board.
  4. macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003

    the express pass plus can be purchased.
    it is valid for each ride and attraction only one time each.

    the prices for the EPP varies based on date.
    check the website calendar to see what the rate is for the day you are interested in going to universal.
    prices start at $19.99 and go up to $44.99 for a park.

    for an additional fee, you can make the EPP valid for both parks.

    i always advise people that are not familiar with the express lane system to not buy the EPP in advance.

    check the website first.
    if you find the cost of the epp is $19.99, that is an indicator of a low crowd day. you won't need them on that day in the parks.

    if you find crowds while you are there, then consider buying the epp.

    if lines are over 20 minutes each, it may be at the point where you would want to have them.


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