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Feb 6, 2001
lookin for best money saving advise you have for a family of 5 i booked the allstar movies today for sept of 2002 going to keep watching this board for that wonderful fall value rate again :)going to pay off rooms before we go an get the park hoppers before xmas of this year each child will have them in xmas stockin. does anyone have some great tips on stuff to buy before we go an some tips for in the parks thanks would like to save $$$$ if possible. an any good places to eat thats not to expensive sorry long :D
Here are some tips:
1) Tickets. Don't get the ones that allow you into the waterparks and Disney West side unless you will go to one or both everyday. It's cheaper to pay for a waterpark if you are going only once.
2) Eat off site. The restaurants along 192 have everything. We liked Sonny's BBq and the mexican, either Del Rio or Rio Bravo (way out).
3) Go to a grocery store, Publix or Walmart, and buy Breakfast foods, snacks, drinks, and sandwich fixings. You can also make soups and oatmeal with the hot water from the coffee pots.
4) Use the Disney club discount for tix and hotel discount. Try also AAA and places on this board.
5) If you will do a character meal, do breakfast. You'll be so full you won't need lunch.
6) Take snacks in a backpack to the parks.
7) Some offsite hotels give a ticket discount. This can be even more if they have a time share and you take the tour. Don't buy though. Disney's is cheaper. This may take up to 3 hours though.
8) Go to the parks FIRST thing in the morning. Most people still want to sleep in." It's my vacation." Then, in the afternoon, go to your motel and swim or nap. Eat dinner offsite. Then go back if you wish.

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Some great tips here - I'd like to add a few of my own:

1. If you decide to go to a grocery store be sure to pick up one of the cheap, styrofoam coolers. You can then fill this with inexpensive (or at least LESS expensive) soda/water you get from the store and ice from the resort and you have a do-it-yourself refrigerator.

2. Buy individual plastic bottles of water at the store, and get them as cold as possible the night before (freeze them if you can) - this way they will keep cold all day as you walk around the parks and they defrost.

3. Try to bring as much stuff from home as possible (rain ponchos, water spray bottles, sun tan lotion, film, batteries, etc.) - these items can really add up when purchased at WDW.

4. Choose your meals wisely - buffets are great ways to fillup and you can almost get "two meals for the price of one" if you eat enough :). Also, since lunch is always cheaper than dinner, eat your big meal at lunchtime and snack or go back to your room for dinner.

5. Between now and the time you leave give everyone Disney Dollars for presents (i.e. birthdays, christmas, etc) - this way they can't spend it now and they will have more for souveniers while at the world.

6. Visit one of the Character Connection stores outside of WDW (in nearby outlet malls) for your souveniers. You will always find great bargains, as long as you don't mind "out of date" merchandise - but what the heck - it still says WDW on it.

Hope these help

Check out my Disney Bargains.
They should be a few pages down.
I would buy as much things that you will need before you go, I think they are much cheaper here instead of Disney.
Hope it helps.
Maximum occupancy is 4 (unless the 5th is an infant in a crib). Even if you "cheat" the rooms aren't large enough for 5.
If you're booking 2 rooms check off-site suite hotels that include a free breakfast. In the event you want to be on-site and have 5 check PO some rooms can handle 5.
You can follow THIS LINK to Big Dadda's bargains!
Hope that this helps! :)

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Are there grocery stores that are easy to get to if you stay in Disney? We are going in June and would like to eat breakfast in our room and take snacks to the park. I don't know if I need to bring it all from home (10 days worth!) or if there is an easy way to get it w/o a car in Disney. :)
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> 4. Choose your meals wisely - buffets are great ways to fillup and you can almost get "two meals for the price of one" if you eat enough . Also, since lunch is always cheaper than dinner, eat your big meal at lunchtime and snack or go back to your room for dinner.

Please keep in mind that most buffets in Orlando have pictures of John at the front door that say "DO NOT ADMIT". He is responsible for at least 5 'buffet bankruptcies' that I know of :)


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OK, I am still laughing from Pete's post :) BUT also want to second Brisue's question. We too are staying on-site but would love to be able to slip out to a grocery/convenience/whatever store to stock up on bottled water, snack bars, etc. before we settle in. We won't have access to a car as we plan to take a shuttle from the airport to WDW.

Any suggestions?



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If you are using Tiffany Town Car as your shuttle from the airport, they make a complimentary stop at a grocerie store for you on the way.
It makes it handy if you want to stock up for your room.
But it is quite pricey, so be prepared for that.
Some people take a cab to Wal-Mart when they arrive and check in.
So that is another option.
Good luck :)

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You might consider using I have read of a number of people who have used this service and have the groceries delivered right to their resort.
It is something to consider!
Hope that this helps! :)

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Just as someone posted freezing water bottles above, frozen Juice boxes are great for the kids (or adults). And that way they are still getting a healthy drink just in case the rest of the day consists of sodas, hotdogs, hamburgers, bacon, pancakes, ice cream, etc. MMMmmmmm! Yep! It is definately time for my lunch! :D

Bringing your own stroller from home rather than renting one everyday will save you quite some money too.

When on the road we allow ourselves to "purchase" one meal; McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell; and the other meals we either get with the hotel room; ie: complimentary continental or full breakfast buffet; or we eat PB or bologna and cheese sandwhiches from the fixings we brought with us in our cooler, etc.

We also use priceline whenver we can to save on hotel costs on the way down and back. For instance, we are paying (total cost) of $8.35 for our two queen bed rooms with full kitchens at the Homestead Village in Atlanta, GA on the way home from WDW. Can't beat that unless you are staying with relatives!!

And if you are planning on going to WDW every year or every other year for the next 40 years or so then consider purchasing the Disney Vacation Club! Although it will cost you more up-front I believe that we will save BIG time in the future when room rates are astronomically priced.

Great tips everyone! Oh! One more thing.......make sure you fill up your tank with gas BEFORE you hit Disney property. That should save you 20 to 70 cents a gallon right there!


We are leaving in one week and we are spending the night around Atlanta coming and going since this is halfway for us. Where is this hotel located in Atlanta? Is this on the interstate or would we have to drive inside Atlanta to get there? Thanks
Ok! Here is the information I have:

Homestead Village
3103 Sports Avenue
Smyrna, GA 30080

When I bid on priceline I picked the "marietta" area which is Northwest GA and bid only $1 as I saw others on the Priceline bidding forum had done. According to AAA tourbook it lists the location as: I-285, exit 20 westbound; exit 19 eastbound; just north of Spring Road; .3 miles west.

So you don't actually drive into the heart of Atlanta but it is off of the Highway that goes around the city. Make sence??


Thanks. My husband wants to make to through Atlanta to the other side about 30 minutes or so, which will make the next day shorter. Do you have any suggestions for Priceline on what area do I choose to make sure we get off the interstate in the right area? I've never used priceline before. Thanks
Go to

There are some wonderful people over there who will help you with how and where to bid. Read up on some of the other posts, FAQs and things before you pose a question so that they can give you the best help possible. TravelSheryl who visits this board frequently is great at helping out with priceline stategies etc. Good luck!! Let me know if the address doesn't work and I will try to e-mail it to you. :)



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