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Aug 24, 2001
Have read many times about the preferred dining rotation for the 7 night, just can't seem to find it. Anyone remember?? Has sometning to do with formal night and tropical night. We also have the late seating, what would be a good night for Palo's? Just can't figure when to go and not miss a dinner seating with my kids. Thanks for any help!!
Many prefer PLAPLAP - so you are in Parrot Cay on tropical night and Lumiere's on the first formal night. It is really just the luck of the draw however, as they are assigned prior to boarding -- but you only find out your rotation after you are on board.
Actually, you can find out your dining rotation as soon as you check in at the port. Just look at your Key To The World card. There will be a code printed on it...APLAPLA, PLAPLAP or LAPLAPL. The letters stand for the restaurants so the APLAPLA rotation would be Animator's Palette, Parrot Cay and then Lumiere's. You will then repeat the same rotation and then finally finish up with your last night in the first restaurant again.

You will also get tickets in your stateroom that list your dining rotation but if you are planning on Palo ressies it's nice to know ASAP.

Palos every night

it would give me a chance to try everything on the menu

Actually LAPLAPL, I like the ambiance of Lumiere's

I think, Animators is boring when they don't have the show
As Wovenwonder stated, many people prefer PLAPLAP and think that is the best rotation.

I was hoping for that but got LAPLAPL and I felt terribly upset. So much so that I tried to change it once on board. The cast member convinced me that the rotation didn't matter, and in hind sight I have to agree. It might be nice to be in Parrot Cay during Tropical Night, but that's the only advantage I can think of for PLAPLAP.

As for LAPLAPL, that actually worked out nicely for us. Lumiere's is the nicest of the 3 dining rooms by far, and we got to have 3 dinners there, including our first night's, last night's, and farewell breakfast!

Also, we decided to do Palo's on the 2nd night because a) it was a formal night and we'd already be dressed up and 2) most people on these boards seemed to think that was the least appealing of the dinners. Palo's was wonderful, and we missed Animator's Palate on the night they didn't do the show. Our 2 sons went to AP for dinner and ordered off the kids menu. Based on the adult menu I saw for that night, it DID appear to be the least appealing meal (for us, anyway).
On our 1/01 Magic cruise we had LAPLAPL, but on our 1/03 cruise I'm hoping for PLAPLAP as I really liked Parrot Cay the best. To me, Lumiere's was just a bit too stuffy, and I agree with the poster who said Animator's would be boring without the "show." But I thought Parrot Cay was the best as I loved the island theme, right down to the bananas in the chandeliers!! :D
I'll request that rotation, but won't complain (too loudly!) if we don't get it! :) It really won't matter THAT much as it's ALL GOOD on the cruise anyway!! :D


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