Best deal for DLP in October???

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    we will be travelling in october and want to go to DLP. we will arrive on a wednesday morning and then will leave very early on saturday morning to head back home.....what would be the best bet for us, packages seem to include passes, and we dont need a pass for saturday since we will leave soooo early...what do you think? can we book a night of room only????
    also we will have 5 adults, 1 child and 1 infant with us, im guessing 2 rooms or are there family suites????

    thanks,w endy
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    Most of the DLP hotels have some rooms with interconnecting doors, forming family suites of a kind but at a cost which is less than a luxury suite. The new hotels on-site also have family rooms with a double bed and bunk beds (the Explorers Hotel looks good from its pre-opeing publicity info). Best would be to get info from Disney on the range of options available.

    Disney usually book room and ticket packages, so I'm not too sure how much flexibility there would be if you did not require a ticket for your final day. An occasional contributor on this board, disney_freek, works in the UK booking office and may be able to help with detailed reservation questions. Perhaps you could send her (him?) a PM with a couple of questions on this?


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    It is possible to do a 2n/3d package and then a one night room only on the end of it, however this does not always save u money as if that last night falls during peak season prices you will have to pay that higher price, so the best thing to do is ask the operator to give u botj options and then u can decide for yourself the best way to do it! :Pinkbounc

    Hope that makes sense!!!
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    I just posted the phone number to DLP to book a room only ressie but I will copy it here for you:

    I found the number to call for a room only reservation. From the US it is: 011 331 60 305 305
    You may want to call and check the rate difference for staying on property.
    When I was making my reservations from home, the reservations agent called me back so I wouldn't have to pay an expensive phone bill. I was very grateful for that, even though I do use a special access code to call overseas and it only costs about 10¢ a minute to call France. I do know that call to the UK are 5.9¢ a minute. PM me if you want more info on this service.

    I was just there in Feb. for 2 nights. You can go to your local AAA office ( don't have to be a member to get info) and pick up a package brochure so you can see the different hotels and compare them. I also ordered a brochure from the site, the prices are in British Pounds though. You can also compare the hotels on the official site This will give you the site in english.
    Depending on what time you arrive on Wed. morning you may not want to go to the Parks that day. The day we arrived, DH, DD8 and myself went to the parks, but our travelling companions did not. They had not flown to Eurpoe before and the flight from New York did them. I think you will have plenty of time on Thurs. and Fri. to see both parks. I beleive they sell a 3 day pass at the gate so that may be an option for you as well, if you want to go to the park on Wed. The reservation agent will be able to give you park prices for that time of year - their prices change depending on the season.
    I hope this info helps you.

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