Best days for universal parks in early march?

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    Nov 26, 2006
    We are planning a Disney/Universal trip the second week of March. I'm trying to figure out which days to go to which parks. We have not been to the universal parks yet, and I'm trying to decide whether to do do just one park or to do both parks- on seperate days.

    Do we really need to avoid the weekends? Or do you think the crowds will be fine? Now my DH and I are thrill ride lovers, and we have 3 small kids, so we will want to do everything. We always try to get to the parks as soon as they open and get the big rides done first, before the long lines.

    Also, are both parks full days? I'm trying to decide how many parks we can do without being completely wiped out. We usually go for a week, and have 6 real vacation days- so we do 4 parks (1 each day) and 2 days of breaks.
    But this trip I would ideally like to do 3 Disney parks and the 2 Universal- just because you pay almost as much for one day at Universal as you do for 2 days. And I don't know if I can give up more than one Disney park! :-)

    Thanks, Stacey
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    Apr 12, 2005
    March is not a busy time at the parks so if you go during the week, the waits should be minimal. I think for your first time, you should allow a full day for each park so you won't be rushing around trying to get everything done. Now with that said, a lot depends upon what types of rides you like. If you don't like the thrill rides or coasters, you could do both parks in a single day knowing you would be skipping a lot.

    Personally...I think the best plan is to allow a full day for each park so you don't have to rush.

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