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    Jan 20, 2009
    I am super sorry if this is a question that's been asked a bunch! I did do a search but got pages of trip reports...
    My brother is getting married this May and they would like to get married on a beach in Florida (they are thinking the keys) and then go to Disney. It will be a small wedding (just 15 or so people), they have a budget of about 10,000, and they want something as close to all inclusive as they can get. Any ideas?
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    My DF and I started planning a "key west wedding" and actually even put a deposit down with a wedding company. They are called "Weddings to go Key West" they are a very straight forward couple who do appox. 800 weddings a year. Their most expensive package is the "white glove service package" and it fairly all inclusive. There is also another company I found called "we've got the keys" and they are more up-scale and cater more to a 10,000.00 budget, they have all inclusive packages that are great for destinations.

    I hope this helps! and good luck!!:yay:

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