Best and Worst of Disney-World Showcase Pavilions

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by GunnarCharles, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. GunnarCharles

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    Jan 30, 2015
    Really enjoyed Craig and Steve's two shows about the World Showcase pavilions. Thought I would give my rankings and see what others thought. Overall, I agreed with Craig's point in that I don't really dislike any, but here is probably what I'd say:

    #1 France: Has options for quick service and table service. Really enjoy the attraction Impressions de France. The Ratatouille attraction will only increase this in my mind as it is my favorite Pixar film.
    #2 UK: I really enjoy both the Fish and Chips quick service option as well as Rose and Crown. Always good entertainment and I love the EPL Soccer merchandise, even if it is tough being an Arsenal fan right now.
    #3 Morocco: I really like the quick service here and there's two solid table service options. I love how immersive it is walked further back and exploring the options.
    #4 Germany: I agree with Steve that I wish there would be an attraction here. But I do love getting a German beer and I love the table service buffet for the whole environment you get. Also hard to go wrong with some of the shops getting chocolate or Christmas decorations.
    #5 Japan: I've eaten at the table service restaurant here once and like it, also like the shopping options. Plus some great places to walk around or get a seat and enjoy the atmosphere.
    #6 Mexico: Not as much space outside to walk around but love the theming inside. Great margaritas though highly priced, and also really like the attraction since Donald Duck is my favorite character.
    #7 Norway: I wasn't thrilled with the addition of Frozen but I do admit I enjoyed it. Good bakery and some interesting architecture of the buildings.
    #8 United States: It does seem like an extension of Liberty Square to a certain extent, but has a great attraction. Not the best food options but good drink options, and offers some great views.
    #9 China: I like the 360 theater show and look forward to the update. Not my favorite food options but some good shopping and a big pavilion to walk around and explore. Also good entertainment.
    #10 Italy: I enjoy the architecture but have to admit I've never been to any of the restaurants. Going there might increase Italy on my list but not sure. I think some kind of attraction would be really cool as well, like a Venice boat ride.
    #11 Canada: Probably last because I haven't experienced enough of it. I like the fact there is a film attraction but I admittedly haven't seen it. Never eaten at Le Cellier but it sounds great and also expensive. I've never been drawn in by quick service food and drink options. Probably the reason it is lowest is because I've spent the least amount of time here, but visually it is very beautiful.

    If EPCOT was to get a new pavilion here would be my list of countries I'd love to see:
    #1: Greece
    #2: Australia
    #3: Spain
    #4: Switzerland
    #5: Brazil

    Any thoughts or other rankings? I'd love to see them!

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  2. TheMaxRebo

    TheMaxRebo DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2008
    Thanks for starting this thread - I enjoyed the shows but do think it is a tough one to have to pick 3 "worst" as they all have some good elements and it is a limited number of pavilions ... very different than picking your best/worst counter service locations or something

    I've been thinking about my rankings, though I think mine tend to change a lot and trip-to-trip - but here is where I am at now

    #1 - Mexico: I love how it is all inside one building, makes it feel unique to the others. I love La Cava, and the quick service locations are good. We enjoy the boat ride as well. Also, the best thing I have ever done at WDW is a tequila pairing lunch that was hosted there during Food & Wine a few years ago
    #2 - Morocco: Just feels the most authentic vs fake versions of famous architecture. Tons of detail in the buildings themselves and I love the marketplace. Nice meet and greet with Aladdin and Jasmine. Love the food options - Spice Road Table is a new favorite of ours
    #3 - France: Lovely Pavilion - so many great photo ops with the fountains and stuff. Really good food - the quick service there is an underrated gem. Love the ice cream store. While the movie isn't a "must do" for us, it is very pretty
    #4 - Germany: I do wish there was a bit more to do - if it had the attraction it was originally supposed to have this might be my #1. good food and beer and love the model train set!
    #5 - America: though, it is largely for the show and the Voices of Liberty (which are both amazing). for the Pavilion itself I think it is #1 for "could be so much better" ... also needs a real craft beer bar that hosts beer pairing dinners and stuff like that
    #6 - Japan: The store is great and the food options are quite good too. Great spot for watching illuminations as well!
    #7 - Norway: I very much like the Frozen ride and liked Maestrom before it. We like Akershus quite a bit. All in all there is a bit to do there - just feels like a pavilion I wouldn't spend as much time just hanging out in vs other. Also, not a huge coconut fan, so the school bread does nothing for me
    #8 - UK: It is a fun pavilion in how it is set up - love what they do with the topiaries during Flower and Garden. Food is ok but not my favorites. This definitely is one of those that I really don't dislike at all, just not as enamored with it as others.
    #9 - China: A lot of see which is why I have it above #10 and #11 but not wowed by the food and just not as "active" as others. Looking forward to seeing the new film though
    #10 - Canada: I think it is a beautiful pavilion with the water feature and stuff so I think that moves it above #11 for me - but again, not that much to do there, though the film is good/funny
    # 11 - Italy: not really bad, just sort of "there" for me. The restaurants are all ok (probably should try more of them - but thought Via Nappoli was only "ok/good"). Not really into the shopping there
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  4. rteetz

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    Feb 20, 2013
    1. Mexico - from the food, to the ride, to the shopping, all around great pavilion.

    2. France - Big fan of Chefs de France. I haven't tried the other restaurant yet but hope to. The ice cream/sorbet shop is a must do, I also always have to stop and get a loaf of bread. Fresh bread for only $3 is hard to beat!

    3. Canada - Many seem to put this lower on the list but I really enjoy this pavilion and Le Cellier is a very good meal and I enjoy the shopping, Piggy Poop soap is a favorite of mine ;)

    4. Germany - Being from Wisconsin German food is huge however I wasn't as impressed by the dining there as I thought I would be. I also love the train set. It is one of my most favorite things in World Showcase.

    5. Norway - This could be higher on my list but I feel Frozen has taken some of the authenticity away.

    6. UK - Fish and Chips and the shopping are my highlights

    7. Italy - I love Via Napoli but that is about it, the rest is just okay.

    8. USA - This pavilion could be so much better dining wise but the show and Voices of Liberty are the main highlights and some of the best things in World Showcase.

    9. China - Good pavilion but I think I don't stop in because I am not huge on the food.

    10. Morocco - The theming is fantastic but the dining just doesn't interest me.

    11. Japan - This has potential to move up this list after January. I have just never really been in here and never dined here. I will be in January though.
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  5. NeuroCindy

    NeuroCindy DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2014
    I'll write full rankings later, but Norway would be my #1 and France my #2, since they're the only places I can use my second and third languages. ;)
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  6. Spencer Wright

    Spencer Wright Constantly craving a zebra dome...

    Jul 31, 2017
    One really exhibit which moves China up a couple places for me is the addition of an exhibit regarding Shanghai Disney.

    Very Cool!
  7. KingLlama

    KingLlama My car finished 3rd on Radiator Springs Racers.

    Dec 29, 2009
    Based purely on atmosphere and attractions/films, because I haven't eaten in every pavilion....

    Norway(haven't been on Frozen yet, so this is based on Maelstrom-era Norway)

    -Why ranked this way? I value the pavilions that do the best job of making me forget that I'm in a theme park. I get "lost" in the first three on my list, and to a lesser extent, numbers 4-6 as well.

    -The lack of a quality regional restaurant in the USA pavilion is indefensible.

    -I *want* to love the Italy pavilion, but I just can't get there. Something seems off about it. I still like it, there's nothing wrong with it....I just don't love it. And somebody has to come in last.

    -I'd love to pick a group of about 8-10 DIS'ers and work my way around World Showcase. What a blast that would be.
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  8. KingLlama

    KingLlama My car finished 3rd on Radiator Springs Racers.

    Dec 29, 2009
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  9. RaeDisney23_


    Nov 11, 2016
    #1-Mexico. I love La Hacienda, and the Three Caballeros ride and the gift shop has so many beautiful merchandise. I like how there native artifactnatives there working on the carvings. Nothing bad to say about this pavillion.
    #2-France. It so beautiful when Disney sets it up for the holidays. The bakery is comfortable but kinda crowded, i'm not much of a perfume guy but that's all it really was to me when i went to their shops.
    #3-Japan. Its soooo much fun to go in there from breaking the oysters for pearls and looking at odd but pretty cool things. I liked it before they renovated it into the new Manga themed like section.
    #4-Morocco. Each year it feels like there are more and more fun activities going on there but Restaurant Marrakesh makes this place (my opinion) they have great food.
    #5- China. I love the culture, their history its such a beautiful country. But no offense i question some workers there. One time i bought a panda bear plush they price was marked at 11.99$ and in the bin next to checkout where there were tons more with the same brand and features for 6.99$ (not cool). It was the same deal with their pins and pens of the same brand and mark one was more expensive then the other. smh.
    #6-Norway. They have done a great job since its new Frozen edition.
    #7-Germany. its all about Biergarten here, hands down.
    #8-UK. I love it because of the streets and when the bands come out it can turn in to a party here which is great!

    If EPCOT was to get a new pavilion here would be my list of countries:

    #1: Egypt
    #2: Iceland
    #3: Argentina
    #4: Chile
    #5: Indonesia
  10. NeuroCindy

    NeuroCindy DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2014
  11. disneysteve

    disneysteve DIS meet junkie

    Sep 29, 2002
    I'm not doing a complete ranking but, unloved as it seems to be, my #1 is America. The American Adventure is one of my all-time favorite Disney World attractions and I could sit in the rotunda and listen to Voices of Liberty sing all day.

    I guess #2 would be Mexico. I like that it's all indoors which a) gets you out of the heat and b) helps you forget you're in a themepark. The ride is fun and always a walk on which is a nice bonus. We've only done La Cava once when we were there for the DIS 10th anniv. last year and we drank around the world with Corey and Julie but the drinks were great. I also like grabbing a snack at the outdoor eatery.

    After that, it's kind of hard to rank them. I used to like Norway more but Frozen is not nearly as good a ride as Maelstrom was plus it's still very difficult to get on it. The shops everywhere generally bore me. There's nothing at all to do in Italy. That would probably be last on my list. At least France, China, and Canada have movies. I used to like Canada more before they closed the store that was there. I like browsing in Mitsukoshi and we sometimes pick up an usual snack there. But beyond that, World Showcase is just all about the atmosphere to me. I love just being there, seeing the different architecture and products.
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  12. Irish_Mike

    Irish_Mike DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 2010
    1.) France - Immersive pavilion with a lot of great food, though I find the shopping to be hit or miss. Really feels like it hits all the boxes of what makes a great pavilion
    2.) Morocco - Like France, it's immersive. I haven't tried much of the food, but the bits and pieces that I did were enjoyable and (seemingly) authentic.
    3.) Mexico - Immersive with fun shopping, but never been a fan of the food and the ride is just kind of there for me. Potential to bump past Morocco once I try some of the alcoholic options in October.
    4.) Japan - Love Mitsukoshi and the decorations throughout the pavilion, but I've never dined here - so I can't put it any higher on my list without doing so.
    5.) Italy - Love the food and some of the little trinkets in the wine and gift shop, but the pavilion itself just kind of feels flat and unappealing otherwise.
    6.) United Kingdom - Some nice theming and cute shops, good fish and chips. But I never find myself spending a ton of time here to bump it higher on my list.
    7.) China - Decent architecture and average Chinese food. The shop is expansive, but nothing jumps out at me in there. Have yet to see the film, though fun to see Mulan out and about.
    8.) United States - Food is a step above Electric Umbrella and I find none of the shoes interesting enough to warrant higher placement (Good, not great).
    9.) Norway - I haven't visited since the Frozen updates, but nothing about this pavilion ever stood out in terms of design. Never tried the food, so it's just kind of "eh" - potential to move up some slots in October
    10.) Germany - Nice architecture, but it feels much smaller and cramped over most other pavilions. Food is boring, and I've never been old enough to enjoy the alcoholic options. The caramel shop keeps it out of #11
    10.) Canada - To me, Canada has all the makings of a good pavilion - beautiful architecture, Tim Hortons coffee and a decent restaurant. But more than anything, I feel that this pavilion lacks much needed depth to pull you into the immersion - to me, it feels like a walkway with some stuff scattered along the way. Which is a shame.
  13. MaryKatesMom

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    Feb 20, 2003
    Don't you know she is smarter than you? I'm sure she has mentioned it.

    "First, let's stop acting like a livescience write-up is the scientific study. The media, even science blogs, constantly misrepresent scientific work (frequently unintentionally, it's often done to sensationalize a finding). Here are the PDFs of the actual scientific articles: and Abramov is first author on both, and he is renowned as an expert in vision. Reading these studies, I do not believe that experimenter bias would have been high enough to change statistical significance.

    Also, I have no dog in this fight. I just don't like science blogs being used like they're the actual study."
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  14. Jeff Laughlin

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    Feb 16, 2017
    Where does one vote for the best and worst shows?
  15. TheMaxRebo

    TheMaxRebo DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2008
    they don't have public voting for all of them. This one, for example, was just their own personal opinions

    when they do the public voting I believe the only way to vote is via Facebook polls they put out on the DIS unplugged page

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