Been a while.....


Jan 24, 2007
Decided to take the plunge and start planning for Disney World trip #2. Our 1st trip was back in 2007.A lot has changed since then. At the parks as well as with my family. I'm not longer married and my kids were 2, 4, 8, 12(I've rounded up their ages in my signature to their next birthday). My youngest is the reason I want to go back. He's 13 now and will be 14 by the time we get back and he nor my 16 yr old remember any of that first trip. So here we go again. I'm excited to get back to WDW!! Their 1st trip was a trip of a lifetime, but I'm hoping they have fun this time too. We stayed at Port Orleans the last time and Our trip was for 8 days. Unfortunately, we're probably only get to go for half that this time. Nonetheless, I'm excited about planning and going. So guess this post was just to reintroduce myself. I'm Eric from Northeast Missouri:wave2:


DIS Veteran
Jul 28, 2008
Welcome! You'll get some great tips and advice here. A lot has changed and it feels like a bit more planning is required. I'm a list maker so that always helps me but pick what works best for you and jump in.


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