Beach toys for the kiddos


Earning My Ears
May 19, 2001
Anyone know if I need to pack a couple of pails and shovels for the kiddies to use on the beach? I know you can buy them on Castaway....but for the first two they usually sell them at the beaches? I'm leaning towards Meagan's Bay and Great Bay Beach (if that is the one that is so easy to get to).


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Apr 21, 2000
On Castaway Cay, you can actually check out sand toys for FREE...they have a huge bin of them at Scuttle's Cove. It's first come, first served but we had no problems getting a few things for our daughter in December.

As for the other beaches, I think you'll have to bring your own. :)


Dec 19, 2001
WOW..wish I knew about the free toys at Castaway Cay. I didn't want to bring ours or buy more!

Great Bay Beach is simple to get to. When you get off the ship, walk a short distance to the water taxi ($5/pp all day travel) and is nice. Magens...take a taxi $7/pp each way (and have your kids sit in the middle of the truck/taxi's....the drivers speed like crazy)

Have a great time!


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Jan 8, 2002
We bought beach toys on St. Maarten. If you go into town at eather St. Maarten or St. Thomas some of the stores carry these pale and shovel sets.


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2001
I have read trip reports where people rave about the beach gift they ordered from Shirley at The Perfect Gift. She puts together gifts to fit the personality of your child -- and often includes bucket and shovel and even a Disney Themed beach towel! They sound really cute.

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