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Oct 8, 2000
CL Room 5699 from July 2014
Lagoon View Room
Full balcony
2 Queens, No Daybed, so we added a cot
Right next to a service area(?), noise was loud and constant, like a jackhammer

Our View:

Our balcony:

Our room is top right:

No daybed, so we added a cot:

Right next to a service area, I assume(?) so there was constant noise -- sounded like a motor or a drill:
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  • JanetMom

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    Jun 8, 2006
    Here are the views from room 3726 at the Beach Club.

    This is a Standard View spacious King Bed room at the very end of the hall. There are two Juliet style balconies.

    Pictures were taken in August 2014.

    View from the balcony on the left of the room.

    View from the balcony on the right of the room.

    Bonus view – if you lean over the one balcony and look to the right, there were fireworks!

  • natebenma

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Room 5692 BC CL SV
    2 Queens, Daybed
    Juliet Balcony
    December 2014

    Pictures and commentary provided by Best_Vacation_EVER!

    "The room itself was wonderful and clean and bright. 3 windows rather than the normal 1 window (2 on one side, 1 on another), extra space and a full sofa bed. Close to the Club lounge but far enough away so it was totally quiet. The balcony was one of the small Juliet style balconies but we didn't miss the balcony at all.

    The outside views I've attached are from the front window (roof visible), side window 2 and 3. The side windows had a view of the front entrance but we rarely heard anything at all.

    Daybed was full queen size and very comfy."

    Views- 3 windows



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    Feb 28, 2014
    5631 (I's been awhile) from June 2014. When you get off the elevators, you make a right at the concierge and it was either the first or second door on the right. 2 Queen beds, no daybed, full balcony.

    To the left

    Straight across

    Looking down (back entrance to BC)

    We could see SAB. This was a great advantage since it rained every afternoon, usually about two minutes after we got in the pool. We just ran up to our room, grabbed some snacks from the lounge, and sat on the balcony until we could see people being let back into SAB again.

    If we leaned out over the railing a little and looked left

    Zoomed in a little.

    These are all from my iPhone, so sorry for the poor quality. It's also worth noting that when you open the door to leave this room, you are almost right in front of two large windows in the hallway. I do not have pictures of this, but at night when you hear Illuminations (you will definitely hear it in the room, even if you have kids and the TV is on) open the door and look out the windows and you will see some of the high fireworks. By no means is it a great view, but it was enough to make our little ones really excited.


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    Jul 19, 2008
    Posted from Beach Club FAQ Thread

    Room 2658???
    Garden View
    2 Queen Beds
    HUGE Balcony

    We checked in on Friday morning after spending Thursday night at the Boardwalk. The room was ready for us when we went over to drop our bags with bell services, around 11am, before heading to DTD for the day.

    We were right on the corner circled below:

    We had a ridiculously large balcony that I actually think may have been bigger than our room, LOL:

    This was the view:

    It was a pretty regular room otherwise. Two queen beds, which ended up being good even though I had requested a king bed. The night before the marathon, I slept in one bed while DBF slept in the other, which kept him from waking me up when he came back from Boardwalk browsing and kept me from waking him up at 2:30am wake up call.:thumbsup2

    The room did show a good amount of wear so it's good they are refurbing but nothing was really terrible or noticeable.

    It was a great stay, and everyone at Concierge was really great with helping when any issues popped up! I miss it already. :guilty:
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    Jul 19, 2008
    5631 (I's been awhile) from June 2014. When you get off the elevators, you make a right at the concierge and it was either the first or second door on the right. 2 Queen beds, no daybed, full balcony.
    This was the first room we ever stayed in at the Beach Club, in 2009. We loved people watching from here!



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    Jul 19, 2008
    Room 5683 (WDW4us2006 July 2014)
    Water View
    King Bed
    LONG, but narrow balcony

    Here's are some highlights:

    Check-in: On the last day of the Convention, I drove over to the Beach Club at 7:00 am to check in before my Mom was scheduled to arrive on the ME around 10. I had to go back to the Convention so I wanted to have check in squared away before she arrived before me, as I wasn't getting back to the BC until about noon. Well, MAJOR pixie dust - we were upgraded from a standard Garden View to Lagoon View Club Level!:yay:I've stayed CL a few times, but my Mom doesn't get to travel much and I knew how much she would love it. The one catch was that we had to have a king problem! I was directed to someone with an iPad in the lobby, can't remember her name but she was FABULOUS and totally excited for us. I decided to bag the last few hours of the convention and came back to the BC by 10 to wait for my Mom's arrival so I could see her face. Needless to say, she was THRILLED!!

    ROOM: We were in room 5683, which is the corner room located right above SAB, the one that is actually on a youtube video - it has a really long balcony. The room had TONS of space. Everything was in fine working order and we had no issues with housekeeping or things that didn't work. The room has a very unique shape and was PERFECT for the two of us. Here are some pics:

    The long hallway as you enter:

    The bathroom was off the hallway to the right:

    The "bedroom" was at the end of the hallway to the right, just beyond the bathroom:

    The balcony was almost laughably large. It was very long, but also very narrow. We enjoyed it immensely! Here are some pictures, as well as our room views:

    To the left:

    Straight ahead:

    To the right:

    Looking down:

    We loved this view because we always had a birdseye view of what was happening at SAB, and where the empty chairs were before we went down! This particular day it was raining cats and dogs for like an hour, but the pool remained open as there wasn't any lightening in the area. The kids were having a ball!!
    This is the view of our room from the pool, it's the one on the top floor with the long balcony:

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Room 4545, Renovated Room
    shoreward, January 2015
    Water View

    4545 shoreward.jpg

    4545 view toward Dolphin.jpg

    4545 view shoreward.jpg

    Overlooking Quiet Pool.JPG

    Click on these links for additional photos of renovated room

    Room 4545 Post 1
    Room 4545 Post 2

    Hooray...I can finally easily post my recent visit's photos, without trying to figure out how to do it.

    BC room 4545 was recently refurbed, and I was probably one of the first guests to occupy the newly-redone room, which had two queens, but no daybed.

    The room had a full balcony and overlooked the Quiet Pool and Boardwalk.

    Hopefully, the pics will give a better idea of what some of the new features and furnishings look like. I will post a follow-up, as I was only allowed to attach 10 photos with this post.

    All in all, the room looked very nice. However, the Roman shades simply let in too much of the very bright light from around the Quiet Pool, as they are mounted too far away from the door lite's surface. I fear that the attractive but light-colored carpet will become increasingly more stained. Its multi-level loop texture was already showing pulls and snags.

    The wall switches were just the right height to operate the bedside lighting, while lying in bed. The lighted magnifying mirror, above the sink/vanity area (can't remember details about old mirror)is a nice feature.

    As can be seen in photo, the desk and table combo are very similar to the old pieces; the new desk has outlets for charging/connecting devices (electrical +USB), as does the bedside table.

    There are more photos, which will be posted in a follow-up.
    Okay, so now that posting photos is so easy, I'll post some more from my recent visit to the BC. The photos were taken in my refurbed 4th floor room.

    Though I have personally experienced some poorly-soundproofed guest rooms, during prior visits, I must admit that the room was very quiet, this time, except for hearing the two kids swimming in the Quiet Pool after 8:30 PM. For the life of me, I don't understand how they could be having so much fun in the pool, when the temp outside was in the mid 40s. Brrrrrrr!

    The new bathroom flooring looks like wood laminate, but I believe it's actually ceramic tile. As somebody else mentioned, the flooring now extends into the sink/vanity area, with a wide threshold dividing that area from the fully-carpeted hall and sleeping area. The new light-colored carpet would not survive very long at the sink area, before showing soiling and wear.

    View attachment 436
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    Jun 25, 2014
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    These are views from the full balcony of Garden View/Woods View BC room 4618, which was near the YC end of the resort.

    The room was described as a Woods View. It had two queen beds, but no daybed. As this was a dormer room, it was a smaller room.

    The view to the left was the roof of the Solarium and front entrance. I could see and hear when the ME arrived for pick ups.
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    Wood Nymph

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    Sep 19, 2012
    Beach Club room 3565
    king bed, corner room, lagoon view, standing balcony on lagoon side, windows on the other wall

    We had booked a garden view room and were given a free upgrade to a lagoon view. :) We checked in April 15, 2015 and this room had recently been refurbished. This was a corner room and had a king bed. There was a standing balcony and you could watch the people walking by and see across the lagoon to the Boardwalk. You could also see the movie on the beach while looking out the other window. We could see the pirate slide, the Epcot boat at the dock, and the YC along with the beach without even getting out of bed. ;) The side window overlooked the volleyball court. The bathroom only had one sink but was otherwise a great room. We loved it. And the location near the quiet pool and the International Gateway made it very convenient. We had a staircase right next to our room, which we used most of the time.

    Because it was a corner room, the room had a very long hallway. The pictures were on this long wall, which was a total waste. It would have been nice if they were in the room itself.

    3565 long hall.jpg

    We were very pleased to discover that we had a corner room and a king bed. The room was very light and airy. There was a thick blackout curtain behind the lighter sheer curtain.

    3565 TV corner view.jpg
    The room had two chairs. The rooms above and below this one have a full balcony with the door to the balcony located in the wall that would be next to the nightstand in those rooms.

    The refrigerator is in that tall cabinet. The corner rooms have a different layout then the majority of the resort rooms.

    All of the tops of the cabinets, nightstands and dresser had a nonporous surface. Only the desk had a wood surface.
    3565 desk. frig.jpg

    The nightstands and desk had two outlets and two USB ports each. There were enough outlets for the two of us. :) The light switch for the lamps over the bed was located just to the right of the pillow. Only the person in this location could turn on and off the light. There wasn't a light switch on the other side of the bed. The switch located below the thermostat controlled the fan. The switch for the hallway was near the door to the room. The thermostat was located above this nightstand.
    3565 nightstand and hall.jpg

    The bathroom only one one sink, which did become a bit annoying at times. There is a really nice nightlight there which shines in such a way that you can find the faucets and glass if you want a drink of water in the middle of the night. :) There fan in the bathroom wasn't working at this time. There was a blank outlet cover that I am guessing will eventually be the controls for the bathroom fan, since there is a vent for it in the ceiling. Maybe when the rehab is finished they will hook up the exhaust fan.
    3565 sink.jpg

    The TV was in the corner and the dresser had three good size drawers.

    The room had a standing balcony and you could watch the people and boats go by without even getting out of bed.

    This is the view from the bed when looking out the side windows. These windows did not open. I could see the beach, the people walking by, the movie on the beach, the Epcot boat at the boat dock, the top of the pirate slide and the YC from the bed. It was great. :)
    view from balcony left of center.jpg

    This is the view from the balcony. You can see the wedding pavilion and Boardwalk in the distance. And that building just to the left has the laundry room and bathrooms at the BC quiet pool.
    from from balcony left.jpg

    The quiet pool is to the left. We ended up using this pool instead of SAB because it was so convenient. There was a staircase next to our door which is close to this pool. We would go down the stairs and cut through the pool area to get to the International Gateway or to the Boardwalk. It was a great location. :)

    This is the view from the windows on the side of the room when looking toward the beach.
    view from window.jpg

    This is the view looking straight out the window. That is SAB behind the trees. And that is the sidewalk to the main entrance of the BC on the lagoon side of the resort.
    side window straight.jpg

    Room 3565 is the one with the standing balcony and the striped awning, closest to the tree on the corner, to the left in this picture. As you can see, the rooms below it had windows that didn't open and the room above it didn't have a window on the lagoon side of the room. I was glad that we got this third floor room even though it didn't have a full balcony. Having a door that opened to the lagoon side of the room was great. :)
    exterior lagoon side.jpg
    Room 3565 is on the third floor, corner room. The rooms above and below have the really long balcony. There is an exit door on the first floor that opens into the bushes. You can go in and out of this door, it had a touchpad on it, but you had to walk through the grass and step over the bushes to do it. I did it once just to see if I could. ;)
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    Mar 9, 2012
    This is room 5677. It's a standard view Club level room. It has both a full balcony and a daybed. The windows and door to the balcony have Roman blinds. The view is pretty good! To your left, you have a great view of Stormalong Bay. Directly in front of you is the roof, but who would look that way when turning your head a little gets you that amazing pool view. This was a fabulous room!



    Mar 26, 2014
    We stayed at the BC last month. We were in CL in room 5698. It had a full balcony and overlooked the front of the BC. You could see Spaceship Earth in the distance.

    IMG_1037.JPG IMG_0918.JPG IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0920.JPG IMG_0921.JPG


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    Jan 18, 2005
    Do the refurbished rooms don't have that lovely Mickey lamp anymore?
    According to the pictures from Wood Nymph I think I don't like the new decor of the rooms. It looks nothing like "Beach" anymore...

    Wood Nymph

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    Sep 19, 2012
    Do the refurbished rooms don't have that lovely Mickey lamp anymore?
    According to the pictures from Wood Nymph I think I don't like the new decor of the rooms. It looks nothing like "Beach" anymore...
    The Mickey lamps are gone. :( It really looked like that resort room was more of a generic hotel room, the kind you might find at a Marriott or Hyatt or any hotel located along a major highway. But the view out the window was unique to the BC.


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