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Feb 10, 2002
I'd like to hear from anyone who recently purchased BCV and has received their information packet. How is it presented? Is there a lot to read? What has to be done before it is returned and finalized? Thanks
That depends on if you are financing with Disney. If you are financing with Disney, you will basically have to fill out a financial application form and then sign a lot of mortgage type papers, you would want to read them and make sure all the figures are right. You will have to sign the actual mortgage doc in front of a Notary. There are also several documents asking you to sign and acknowlege you received things such as the guidebook.

It really depends on how much you know about DVC as to how much you will have to read of the member guidebook. I have been lurking around DVC and these boards for a couple of years so there really wasn't too much new information for me in the guide book so it went pretty quickly, but if your new to it all you would want to read it more thouroghly before making your final decision and signing everything.

DVC makes it fairly easy, you basically have to sign in all boxes with Mickey ears and date in any box with palm trees. They then give you a pre-paid Fed-ex envelope to send everything back in.
Terry S
How long did it take them to approve you? When did you give Disney the deposit? Was it with these papers?
I talked to my guide on 2/5 and told him I wanted to purchase BCV. I gave him my credit card # over the phone to put the deposit on at that time. The papers arrived by fed ex on 2/12 and I sent them back on 2/13. They do send you your temporary membership card with these papers although the fiancing has not really been approved at that point. Actually my financing has probably still not been approved. I figure they probably just received my paperwork back today. I am planning on giving them a call in a couple of days just to make sure everything was approved.

Thanks Terry S and good luck on the financing. Here is some pixie dust for luck for you.:bounce:
Update--My papers just arrived! I am so excited I can hardly type! There is a lot of information. Financing is not an issue since we paid in full, so hopefully we will just return and be on our way to enjoying many vacation club vacations! Now I am interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through the process of booking their DVC room. You can be assured on March 6th I will try to be the first to call!!
Just talked to our guide, Joan Lane, and she said they are really behind on getting new contracts out and that it would be ten days before they are sent out by 2-day FedEx. Since we bought on Feb 6th, we won't get them before the 18th at the earliest. Darn!!! I just can't wait to get them. Then we have to wait 15 days after Disney receives them before we can book our free 5 night stay which we want to use this May. Oh well . . . can you tell patience was never my strong point. LOL.


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