Banking points with RCI??

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by Dizzy over Disney, Jun 9, 2009.

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    We are new at this, so bear with me....

    So .. we earned 270 extra points for signing up with DVC back in November. We can only use them with RCI or Saratoga Springs. Unfortunately we cannot make it to Disney before the expiration date, Oct 1. I tried planning a beach getaway this summer and well.. so is everyone else.

    The lady at RCI told me we could bank our points with them and they would in turn last until December 2011. The only drawback is we cannot use them at Saratoga Springs... which is fine.. because we can't make it there before October anyways.

    Has anyone done this? It is the right thing to do, right?

  2. bwvBound

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    If you can't use them at Disney's Saratoga Springs before they expire and no other options work for you ... then yes, it is the right thing to do! Have you inquired if the points can be used for Disney Collection (hotels at WDW/DL) or Concierge Collection (hotels not by Disney) locations?

    If you deposit them with RCi - be sure to add your exchange requests early. Familiarize yourself with the list of RCI properties available for exchange and choose several destinations of interest. Remain open to "geographical area" over "specific resort property" and try to find several date windows that will work with your family calendar. Contact DVC Member Services to check availability of your dates/locations and use the "open search" feature (similar to a waitlist) to increase your chances of booking. Know that exchange availability changes constantly - be ready to book something "right away" if offered. (Don't count on a great exchange being available 30 minutes later after consulting with your spouse!)

    Good luck and may the adventure be pleasant!
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    To add, you can't use them through RCI for any DVC resorts. It's unlikely they'll be good until Dec, 2011 but more likely they'll be good until Sept, 2011. It's 2 years from the date of the deposit that is made for you. If you go that route, have a plan of where you want to use them and start your request at or about the same time as you do the deposit. Don't get your hopes up. Also, you could rent the points and can't you use them for CC, DCL or the like as well?

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