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    Jul 23, 2006
    Our flight arrived sometime around 7am (it's all a bit hazy, though a mercifully short 6 hours from Newark to Manchester which was a good thing!) Had a great 9 nights/days in WDW though had a bit of a scare earlier when I found out one of our hamsters had escaped and had been running round the flat for 2 days :eek: Luckily he was in the recycling box, looking a bit ruffled but otherwise fine :laughing: ;) So, back to our trip! Some highs...

    -Le Cellier: Yum, yum and yum! Definitely our favourite WDW meal and I can see why it has the reputation it does :goodvibes
    -TSMM: We'd already been on this at DCA last year but we racked up 3 more over this trip, even bad shots like me can get a good score! :rotfl2:
    -MNSSHP: We stayed til the very end and got loads of candy, it was quite a cool evening which was much more pleasant for costume wearing purposes (I actually had to wear a longsleeve top under mine!)
    -Taking a more relaxed approach to park touring: We took a lot of breaks and had a few late starts so we didn't see all the attractions in every park (all things we've done anyway) but we felt much better for it and enjoyed what we did do more :)
    -Mini golf! Bit of a daft one but i'd never played it before and it was so much fun :goodvibes We played at Winter Summerland as it's right by CSR.
    -This one is Steve's: Shooting real guns with live ammo! He tried 4 different ones and it was definitely the highlight of the trip for him. I highly recommend Reig's Gun Shop/range on OBT (near the Florida Mall ;)) for anyone else who fancies it, you only need photo ID and payment. The guys who own the place are really nice and used to us Brits gawking :rotfl: I didn't do any shooting but I did have my photo taken holding an AK47!

    And a few so-so's (I wouldn't say lows in most cases, just not as positive as we'd hoped)
    -HHN: Loved the Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror shows and glad we went to see those but the one house we did and the scare zones weren't my thing at all, i'm just too much of a wuss I guess! The queues jumped up really quickly too so basically if you don't visit every house within the first 20-30 minutes (not possible!) or have express passes then you're going to be waiting an hour per house :eek:
    -Pepper market/CSR: I know both of these have their fans but we won't be returning. We ended up driving to Pop one night for dinner and we much preferred the food court there :)
    -Flying Fish Cafe: Not signature restaurant standard at all IMO, in service nor food quality. We stated Steve was vegetarian as soon as we arrived, server was aware of it yet he was still brought pasta with fish in it :sad2:

    I'll be doing a full trip report aswell, after I sort through our photos :goodvibes

    ETA: I appear to have forgotten one of the best highs: GETTING A 2010 RED MUSTANG AS A HIRE CAR! :cloud9: I'd only paid for a compact with free upgrade to intermediate with Budget via usrentacar but I did do the online check-in (a godsend as the queues were huge) so maybe that helped? Regardless, I had great fun driving it and it's been hard to go back to my little old Jazz ;)
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    Sounds like you had a good time, I'll look forward to your report! I agree with what you said about the Pepper Market, I much preferred Pop's food court too. I'm interested to know what you disliked about CSR. We enjoyed it there but we didn't fall in love with it.
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    Jul 24, 2003
    Welcome home:goodvibes

    Le Cellier was our fave meal also. I just could not understand it being 1 credit when Cali Grill was 2. I know Cali Grill has its fans(Deb for one) But for us the setting, service, food everything was better at Le Cellier.

    Mini golf is something we have never got around to doing, even with our Annual passes and 50% off we never did it. Must put it on the list again for next trip.

    Great upgrade on the car. Although I have had no big problem with Budget I do prefer Dollar as I almost always get upgraded with Express. Never had upgrade with Budget(only pre-arranged in UK)
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    May 24, 2004
    welcome back,looking forward to reading your trip report :goodvibes:goodvibes

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