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    Jul 7, 2001
    We left on Fri. from Newark at 8:00 am. We picked up an Avis rental (cadillac $58.45) and headed to MK. We were in the park by 12:30. A bit crowded, went on about five rides, quick late lunch and left at 4:30. (I wanted to to DD or Kennedy Space Center and not use a day's on our left over Park Hopper tickets). We were at the Radisson by 5:30. Great hotel. I had booked the King Suite whirlpool suite with breakfast for 4 ($166.10). Very clean, friendly and efficient staff. The two rooms were huge. We had pizza from across the street, signed up for shuttle pick up at 10:00 am (first appt.). Found Eckers(?) and bought some bottled water for ports. Breakfast was good, packed our overnight bag. I checked out while DH and DS put all our luggage in front entrance and returned rental - now it's 9:40 am. Two minutes later we were told that Magic arrived about 2 hours late (another ship was in distres- no power- and Magic stayed until help arrived). Radisson was told not to bring anyone before noon. By 11:00, there was a crowd of anxious people wondering when we leave. At 11:10, they started bringing people over. It was nice staying here - you see those familiar faces on ship.
    The ship was absolutely beautiful! we met our friends who had driven there from Vero and we checked in. We were on ship by 1:00 - very small crowd. Announced our names and took picture. Had lunch at Parrot Cay and explored ship. We were told our room would be ready by 1:30 and it was. Our luggage was also delivered after drill around 4:45. We purchased 3 soda mugs ($35 ea). (My DS's top blew off his mug on deck 10 and they replaced it - no problem, my other DS left his behind somewhere - replaced it - no problem). By early afternoon people started to arrive from where ever they were staying - it was a mad house for a bit. We did not rush to sign up for anything right away.
    Sat. eve. we signed up our DD for Oceaneers - no line. Sun. afternoon we signed up for Paolo's - Mon. eve. reserv. - no problem. This was excellent! We saw our only sunset too since we had early sitting. Mon. I signed up DH, DS and DS for Pinel Island snorkeling and I signed up my DD and I for the See & Sea tour in St. Martin. (Tues.) We were all back on ship by noon and 12:30, had lunch and headed to Great bay beach, $5 for ferry taxi. Rented two chairs, unmbrella and two drinks for $10. Attacked by hair braiders. While at beach, we also took turns looking at the shops that were right there within walking distance. Everyone, this is the place to shop! T/shirts 3 for $10. Cartons of cigarettes $10.50. (St. Thomas $15.) We bought one bottle of rum and one vodka, $6 each. If you are buying jewelry, this is the place (we bought 3 bracelets - two for me and one for DD:) - great price. Our friends regretted not buying here later.
    Wed. St. Thomas we had decided to do St. Johns on our own. I followed these reports, everything went like clockwork and if you don't know, they know. Lot's of pictures. Beatuiful beach, snorkeled with our own equip. Have $$ for cab/ferry/cab - if you rent chairs and are buying lunch. We left here at 1:30 to our driver and take 2:00 ferry. (Did not want to chance 3:00 ferry). By ship at 3:00, kids went in ship and we shopped for one hour. Make sure you are ship, one family was left behind - they were about five minutes late - taxi pulled up as ship was moving from dock.
    Castaway Cay - what can I say, picture perfect. Heaven! They leave the best for last. They have some system. The crew works very hard and they do an excellent job. Shows were great and not to be missed! We had early seating and it worked out fine.
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    Aug 1, 2001
    We had an awesome time on this cruise! Few tips to remember: Sign up for excursions and Palo's restaurant ASAP, get to Castaway Cay first thing in the morning ~ beach umbrellas go fast, bring appropriate attire for restaurants, bring laundry detergent/fabric softener if you want to wash clothes mid-week or else it can be quite expensive (adds up really fast!), tag luggage w/yellow Disney tags, take "NAVIGATOR" and children's activity schedules everywhere you go so you know what's going on at all times, remember some beaches at St. Maarten's are "clothes optional", negotiate with "hairbraiders" on each island ~ it's not enough to bargain how much you'll pay for each braid (example: I negotiated from $2.00/braid to $1.00/braid ~ end result ~ twice as many teeny-tiny braids! I hate getting ripped off! I told the girl to make the braids bigger or else we would be there all day ~ what did she do? She made them shorter on top of my daughter's head ~ so instead of going back halfway on her head ~ it went back about an inch and a half. NEGOTIATE HOW MUCH YOU INTEND TO PAY FOR THE WHOLE JOB ~ NOT JUST HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO PAY PER BRAID!! BUYER BEWARE!!! Other than that, food and service was beyond excellent! Entertainment was fantastic! Ship is clean, spacious and beautiful. We can't wait to go back!!

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