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    We are planning a two week trip for next spring and currently are not planning on a car rental so we are looking for alternatives’ on meals. We are looking at the Aulani grocery order which has a large selection on items. Has any one used that service at Aulani? It says orders must be received at least 3 business days prior to arrival. Does that mean I can not order items once we arrive even though I wouldn’t expect to receive them for three days?

    Can you get food delivery from any pizza or sandwiches places?

    Can you get a taxi easily from about any place you are at i.e. Target Store, Sam’s or even getting a return ride from church services on Sunday?

    Has anyone had experience renting a car for the weekend or a day from ALAMO at the resort?

    I’ve got so many questions on meals etc I will have to continue reading the Disboards and try to pick up pointers like $4 Happy Hour Mai Tai at Chuck's in the Marriott Ko Olina resort which is in walking distance.

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    Apr 4, 2012
    For taxi service it would be possible to set up return rides with the taxi that take you out to whatever location. The concierge has taxi numbers as well, if you wish.

    The typical pizza places deliver to the resort, but not up to the room.

    Alamo rates can fluctuate greatly from day to day. If they need to move cars off the premise prices will go down, while if they are getting tight on cars prices go up.

    Food options are constantly improving on property as well. They are adding a new quick service option by the pool. Kapolei town, $18 taxi ride has some great food options as well.

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