Attention June Flood Victims

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    Attention June Flood Victims: Clean Up, Compliments of Sun & Earth

    Once flood waters recede, homeowners in affected areas will begin the task of cleaning up, and will need help in doing so. Sun & Earth is donating a free 22oz. bottle of our All-Purpose Spray Cleaner to flood victims in the Middle Atlantic regions that were declared disaster areas. Click here to request a coupon for a complimentary product. Coupons are redeemable at your Acme, Whole Foods, or local grocery stores. Limit one per customer.

    To receive a coupon for a free 22oz. bottle of our All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, please complete and submit the form below. After we verify that you are in an affected area we will mail you the coupon that you can redeem at your Acme, Whole Foods, or local grocery store. Coupons will be mailed the day we receive your request. For further inquiry please email Lynn at
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    I went to their web site and did not see anything at all that resembles a privacy policy stated. They are asking for name, address and email address. With no stated policy they can probably sell your information to anyone they want, and they know you are looking for relief from flood damage.

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