Attention FLA residents, help


Feb 4, 2001
We are leaving Tuesday very early and I have been checking We are only staying 4 days. Each time I check the weather for next week looks more and more dismal, Isolated showers Tues., scattered showers Weds., Mostly cloudy Thurs., etc. In your experience does isolated showers mean a small chance of a shower or what? Also, are your local forecasts down there predicting anything different than what I see? Please tell me is wrong!
Well local forecasts for Tampa show a weak cold front coming through on Tuesday and incresing the rain chance to 30% and dropping the high temps to the mid 70's for a day or too. Should be the same for Orlando. I really wouldn't worry too much, most of the showers should last a short time if there even are any! has good local weather.


<A HREF="">Universal Orlando Information Overload</A>- Updates: Universal Chat every Sunday at 9:00pm!
Jim, Thanks once again for answering one of my questions. I did check out that website and will continue to do so until we leave!


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