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Jul 6, 2001
I have read elsewhere in this forum, that it is possible to spend your day at the Atlantis Resort when the ship is docked at Nassau. I believe some say you can use the facilities if you take a room at Atlantis (expensive) or take a room at Comfort Suites, which allows use of the Atlantis resort.

OK, here are my questions:

1. What do I do -- guarantee a room at either place for the day the ship is in Nassau?

2. How do we get there?

3. What time do you have to head back to the ship?

4. Any limit to the number of people "staying" in the room? We are a party of 5.

5. If you get there before the official check-in time, will they allow you to use the facilities early?

6. Let me get this straight -- If you take a room at the Comfort Suites, you automatically are allowed full use of the Atlantis Resort.

7. What do you take with you?

Any other advice regarding this subject is appreciated!!!!:confused:
Thanks for signing my guestbook. You can rent a room at either Atlantis or Comfort Suite's. You can have 4 people per room the Atlantis site is You call them to book a room. You can also call Comfort suite's to book a room. You are given armbands that will allow you access to the pool, beach area, etc. You receive then as soon as you check in. You take a cab from the ship $4.00 per person and $1.00 toll bridge fee. You also take a cab from Atlantis back to Ship. We did not rent a room and had limited access to the resort. we shopped, played in the casino, ate lunch there and were free to wander certain areas. If you want to use pool they do check for armbands. Atlantis runs $250.00 on up for rooms and Comfort Suite's about $175.00 with AAA. This also depends on the season. Good luck. The Resort is breathtaking and we plan to book a room when we cruise again in October
They only give the arm band for the number of people booked into the room. You'd have to get a room that they would allow 5 in(if they have one) or get 2 rooms to each have an armband.
Thank you for the replies. My understanding is that if you want to use the pool/beach you must have an armband. If you just want to walk around, you don't. Don't they have a large aquarium that you walk through? Do you need the armband for that?

Does anybody know what time you need to be back at the ship and how long does it take to get back?

Thanks for the info!

It takes about 5 minute's to get to Atlantis from the ship. You can see Atlantis from the ship, it is huge. Yes, you need armbands to use pool, beach etc. You can wander the shops. a small section of the aquarium, use casino, for free. You have to be back on board at 10:30 so there is ALL DAY!!!! I really think renting a room is the way to go if you have the day to spend there.
I think Tluvs to talk answered most of your questions so I'll add what I know. We rented a room at Comfort Suites on our January 13 cruise. It was well worth it. We spent the whole day at the pools and the beach. It is beautiful. I would try and get there early as the slides close at 5:00 (at least when we were there). We booked 1 room at Comfort Suites and have 2 adults and 3 children. My parents also came with us to see aquarium, not to use the pools. You must show them the Comfort Inn receipt or pay $25 per person. We showed them our receipt from the Comfort Suites at the entrance to the aquarium and they let all seven of us in. You are only required to wear the armbands at the pools and you get those from the towel stand. We were a little worried because we are a party of 5 so I figured if they would only give 4 of us armbands that I would hang with my parents at the casino. We went to the towel stand, showed our CS receipt and got our towels and armbands, no questions asked!!

Good luck and have a great time!
didn't I read something a while ago where people took water taxi's? does anyone know anything about this?


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