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    Feb 16, 2000
    OK Guys if you had to say something about pin trading to non-traders what would it be? What would you say about meets - the trading - hotspots etc?

    I have been asked to put together something on pin trading for the convention newsletter. Now I know that there are alot of you better qualified than me. SO here's our chance to let the rest of the boards know how great we are here.

    I know what stands out for me but would love to know everyone's favorite part of meets. If you want to propose some pin meets during convention - want to run one - cohost one. Let's put it out there!!!

    I am counting on you guys, if you don't want to post email me - MSP4911@AOL.COM
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    Feb 15, 2001
    To the new or non traders I'd say: Be cautious about sellers and/or traders. Seek advice and references before you open your wallet. Be prudent about how much you are willing to spend and where you are buying your pins from.

    Pick a theme and focus on it until you can afford to pick another one. You may not have the chance to complete multiple themes, depending on what you select!

    I have seen many expensive "LE" pins that made me wonder if the artist merely ran out of inspiration, ideas or time. I have also seen humbler, rack pins that spoke to me the minute I saw them and wondered how come others did not see the beauty in them.

    And most important, just have fun! Don't worry about racing collectors or chasing pins just because they are popular. Don't fall in a marketing trap. Get what you like and means something to you, regardless of how the pin is categorized by anyone.

    Enjoy the friends you'll meet in the spirit of what Disney means to all of us!

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    For the new trader, the best start to trading is to buy some of the more inexpensive pins at random. Then, start by trading with castmembers. If you are new at the game, castmembers are the easiest place to start.
    Castmembers lanyards trade on the simple philosophy of they will take any disney pin that they do not have for the one you want. Castmembers that have lanyards are everywhere. Check in shops, at pin carts, and then just watch as they are sometimes out and about. I have occasionally even seen ride operators with lanyards. Look for things you like and catch your eye. Don't be afraid to trade and maybe trade that pin off. Also, be careful, as it is addictive and you will want to do a lot of it as you start to get attached to the pins you find.
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    Dec 24, 1999
    Lisa what a cool thing to be asked to do... You are as qulified as anyone. Some of the best things about collectiing and meets are meeting all of you. I would never give that up.. You don't know how much fun I had at a meet in WDW that Jonie put on. we stayed up way to late and I could not tell you one pin I traded for that night... I can tell you I had one of the best times I ever had at WDW. Meeting You and helkping you get one of the pins you had wanted for ever was another great thing about pin meets and so was meeting Vince and Suzi who came all the way up from MD to a meet in Natick. Not only did they make the trip that far but so did Lisa and Allen. I would have to say that pins are only a small part of the fun of collecting and meets.

    As for the Pins and some advice... Well go slow and make sure the pins you want are the ones you go after. It is very easy to get caught up in the frenzy and end up with a lot of pins that you were not looking for and really didn't want. So just make sure when trading you go after what you really want.

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