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  1. cj9200

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    Dec 22, 2006
    Man I am frustrated. It is still raining in South Florida and I am tired of it. No flooding like it did in Daytona and my heart goes out to you, but this is driving me nuts. Every day it has rained. Not the typical South Florida deluge and then a bright sunny sky but constant overcast where it is either drizzling or a downpour. I am going on a dive trip to the Dry Tortugas and am hoping for good weather. Who knows if that is going to happen. Arrrrg.

    Still have to pack my gear for that trip and a client just emailed me and wants me to write a grant before the weekend. So I need to get it done by tomorrow. I asked them Friday if they wanted me to do it and I just heard back. It could have been over and done with last weekend. Arrrrg.

    The good news I got today is that my wait list came through for a day on each end of my upcoming trip to the Beach Club Villas. What started out as a quick 3 day trip expanded to 5 days and is now 7. Taking DD and her best friend. The bad news is we are now leaving the day after I get back and I am not prepared. Still have not even decided what ticket media to buy. The plan is not to hit the parks heavy but with 7 days we need to do more than the pool. Arrrrg.

    Deep breath. OK, what am I complaining about? Twenty-four hours of pain then three nights at sea on a live aboard scuba diving and 7 days at Disney. Quit whining.

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    Know what you mean about rain; DH's sister & family and his mom live in PB Gardens & they've about had it too. BUT Good times are coming your way :thumbsup2 You'll have a wonderful time at sea & at WDW :goodvibes

    7 days at WDW AT BCV - lucky you & DD & her friend :dance3: !!!

    There's so much to do I wouldn't be overly concerned about park time; some of our family's favorite trips are when we've spent least amount of time at parks. I'm sure you know most or many of these options but just in case : pool hopping to other resorts both DVC (except AKV's pools!) & other onsite WDW hotels, BCV evening movies/campfire, SSR poolside evening movies, Ft. Wilderness evening campfire/movie & hayrides/canoe/kayak (fee charged), Boardwalk evening entertainers, spa at SSR, community halls at SSR/BWV/OKW, Welcome Home Wednesday 4pm at Atlantic Dance Hall, lodge tour at WL.....and more !!

    Have a great time :)
  3. JaxDisneyFans

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    Mar 9, 2008
    The Dry Tortugas are great. Hope your weather clears soon. We had 7 straight days of a tropical storm type system sitting over us up here in N/E FL during late May. It was the strangest weather for this time of year. Totally feel your pain. Hope the sun comes out soon. :goodvibes
  4. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Have a great trip! I enjoyed snorkeling at Dry Tortugas national park a few years ago. It's a very interesting/historical place.


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