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May 31, 2001
Tomorrow I have the day off to go to the Minnesota State Fair. I am sooooo excited. My mom and I go every year together, and we have the best time...... just me and my best friend!! And then, several years ago, we added a member to the group.... a widow in town.... she really is a nice lady.... it's just.....well, this was our time....and Tamie will tell you, I don't share well. So for the last several years it's been the three of us, and it hasn't been as smooth.... it's still fun, but the selfish part of me wishes it were just me and my mom.... and then last year I got my wish.... Oh darn! The day we picked to go didn't work for the neighbor. :p :o My mom and I had a blast..... we went to see the things we liked (which is always the same for both of us).... took as long as we wanted (which is the same amount for both)... we just had a silly, giggly, wonderful spending frenzy. It was soooo much fun!!!! We didn't wait for anyone, we didn't lose anyone,no one tired out before us, no one wanted to go where we didn't want to go, and noone stopped for 45 minutes to talk to their long lost cousin that they just HAPPENED to meet in the Creative Arts Building THREE YEARS IN A ROW!!!! What a coincidence! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Forward to 2002..... Oh goodie.... we picked a day that worked for her..... and double goodie... it works for my Grandma too (did I mention that my Grandmother doesn't bake cookies, give me cute little smoochies when I come over or spoil me rotten like most Grandmas.... she is atypical (and mean too)!!! And she will bring a cloudy jar.... and I mean jar (as in quart) of water that she will carry around with her baggies full of food she brings with to the FAIR!!! HELLO?!?!?!) And TRIPLE GOODIE..... the neighbor's son can come too (This guy is so smart I'm pretty sure his social capabilities blew up in a massive chemical reaction with his brain cells..... Mr. Excitement he is NOT)!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I can hardly wait!!! This deflation is worse then the Blackberry defeat I took earlier this week!! :(

I told my mom I will be kind (it's in my nature...contrary to what you guys might think), I will be patient (also in my nature), I will endure (that's mostly in my nature), and I will cope (that's not in my nature). BUT if this is not perfect and fun (like last year), I will personally call and uninvite the neighborhood to the party.... hurt feelings or not!!! Okay, that was a huge tough guy front as I could NEVER do that, but I'd like to!!!

:( :( :( Sorry Heidi :( :( :(

I know what you mean about not sharing when it was just you two for so long.

Maybe you and your mom could get 'lost'?????

Have Fun anyway.

Is that why you made all the blackberry jam? And did not send me ANY???? ;)
Oh, I feel so, so sad for you! {{{{{hugs}}}}} I know exactly how you feel about your special day. My DD and I have a mom/daughter day at the MOA every year in December, just us two, not really to shop, just to hang out together and Christmas window shop. I am fiercely protective of that day and firmly say no to friends who think it's a great idea and want to come along.

Maybe you and your Mom could go back, even for part of a day, another time? (Maybe the day of the DIS meet ;) ) Or maybe since your group is much larger this year, you could split up and then meet again later????
Aww. I know how you feel. It stinks to have wonderful times with a true loved one invaded.

My SO and his children always seem to end up everywhere I want to take my children. It's hard.

You have every reason to be disappointed at how things have turned out for this year. Have you told your Mom exactly how you feel about just the 2 of you going? If she feels the same way, then next year don't announce the day you will be going to ANYONE! You don't lie just strongly evade the issue. "Not sure yet which day...etc." then after you come home, just say it turned out to be a spur of the moment idea since you weren't sure ahead of time. Your Mom may not realize how you feel, sometimes we think they can read minds, but i am sure she will be flattered that you enjoy the time spent with her alone.
Good luck.
This year, and this is key, DON'T GO HOME WHEN THE OTHERS HAVE TIRED OUT! Keep on going and going and going, just like the Energizer bunny. Drag them around. They will whine and complain, but that's GOOD. It means they will probably never ask to go with you again! Yay!
LOL!!!...Oh FB...I can relate to this!!!...just try yer best to go...and enjoy the time with yer mom.....I knoe it's nert the same with other's along....but try to ingor them as much as possible...relish the moments you have with your mom...they are priceless! :)

In the face of all of the hurdles you have the face during this upcoming trip....I wish you well....:D

Good Luck....
This one's really difficult for me. I can relate to wanting to do something with mom alone and having a great time. And also being widowed I'm sure this is a big thing your neighbor is looking forward to doing. Over the years I've done plenty with others...and it just doesn't feel quite right. It's usually uncomfortable, and sometimes I can't wait to go home! Good luck!!
OH YES Randi, she knows!:D But she feels the same way I do.... first we could never lie or leave someone out like that.... no matter how tempting it may be.... someday I might be that widow and/or Grandma that needs some company. You reap what you sow, and I hope I'm sowing good seeds even if it means hard labor. I'm mostly just disappointed that it can't be what I want it to be, and that past experience tells me that it probably won't be more than I hoped for..... but it's definitely not worth hurting or breaking someone's heart over...... now that WOULD be miserable.

Your idea is pretty good musicfan.... I have a lot of endurance..... I bet I could work that one well!! ;)

Thanks guys for listening and understanding.

Oh, and Debster..... it's Jelly, and I'll be waiting for a public apology. ;)
Originally posted by Fishbone†
You reap what you sow, and I hope I'm sowing good seeds even if it means hard labor.
The trick is to do it in a pleasant way. ;)
I have besmirched the good name of jellies everywhere, especially those of the blackberry persuasion. ;)

It seems I had the audacity to call Fishbone†'s Blackberry Jelly, Blackberry Jam :) , and in doing so, it looks as if I blew ANY chance of her sending me some. *sigh*

I'm sorry Heidi.

Do you think she'll send me some now?

:p ;) :p ;) :p ;)
You goofball (not to be confused with the wise and mighty Goofus, who frequents these boards as well), that is not the apology I was looking for, but I'm sure it will come in good time, so I will continue to wait patiently.

And just so you know, Jam is made with the whole fruit (therefore in the case of Blackberries, would contain the seeds). Jelly is made with only the juice of the fruit (therefore in my case, I have made jelly). And now you know. :D :) :D
Yeah, but are you going to send me any?????? :p ;) :) :D

And...I will GLADLY be compared to our own loveable GP (aka Goofus). Hee hee hee
Some people I know would very much like to be in Minnesota, no matter how many people were along for the ride.

Count your blessings......
Deep breath Fish!

No, I can tell you all that Heidi doesn't share well :)

She is also correct in saying that she would never ask others not to come.

Heidi I really think you need to go to the fair more than once. Go once with just you and your mom - for the full day, at opening and do the things you like to do.

Then go again with everyone who wants to join you on an afternoon or a weekend (so you don't have to use another vacation day). Then you can do what they want to do and won't feel like you are missing out on your stuff since you've already done it.

(I realize it's pointless posting this since Fish is at the fair right this second, but oh well. Hope she's eating some mini donuts for all of us!)

Sorry to hear that your trip to fair wasn't as you expected. Hope things are better for next year!


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