Are there any promos available for folks who had to cancel/reschedule 2020 trips?


Mar 4, 2020
Hi all! We had a honeymoon booked at Pop back in May of 2020, and for obvious reasons we did not get to go. We tentatively rescheduled for July 2020, and were offered a free dining plan as compensation. Once summer rolled around, we were still unsure of taking the trip, so we ended up canceling completely. We're considering booking our make-up trip this summer, but we're wondering if there is any promo or anything (Like the free dining we were offered last year), or if we totally lost that when we canceled. Thanks!

Pixie Dusted Snow

Jan 8, 2021
The current promo for the summer is 2 extra park days when you book a 4+ night stay with 4+ day park ticket.

Currently there is no dining plan so obviously no free dinng plan.

Best thing you could do is contact Disney and explain your situation and they can look up to verify that you in fact were scheduled for when they ended up being closed and they may be able to offer you some kind of discount.