Are PHP's transferable?


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Jul 28, 2000
When we went last month, we bought a child's 7 day PHP ticket for our DS8. We've only used 4 days of it. We're thinking we might plan a trip for Dec. 2004 at which time DS8 will be 10 years old. Will he still be able to use that ticket at that time because it was purchased for him? I'm guessing that he'll need to have an adult ticket at that point. Is that right?
Will our other DS who is 2 now and will be 4 in 2004 be able to use the remaining days of the child's PHP?
Maybe it would be easier if we just planned a trip before DS8 turns 10.
TIA for any help!
Disney will exchange the child's PHP ticket for an adult's PHP at no charge. The adult ticket will have the same number of major park days as were remaining on the original child's ticket as well as the same number of plus options as on the original child's ticket. Disney does not "penalize" children for getting older, LOL!

In your situation, I would exchange the child's ticket for an adult's ticket on your second trip and buy a child's ticket for your younger son. It will be less expensive.

Enjoy the trip(s)!
Thanks Carol. Glad to know there's a "solution". We really wanted to postpone the next trip by 2 years and this will work for us. Thanks for the info.


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