anyone members of a supper club?????

Discussion in 'Cooking' started by JoBird, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Hi- just need some ideas if anyone has them--
    DH andI have been members of a supper club with three other couples for a year and a half. Each couple takes turns having the supper at their house, once a month. The hosts generally plan a theme, and delegate dishes to bring (usually one or two). This has been a lot of fun. However, it has also become QUITE expensive (I had the month of December the first year and spent $500. I know, I went overboard, but it was a very successful dinner, so what the heck.)
    Anyway, to my question...I have run out of themes and March is my month!!!!!!
    These are the themes that have already been done:
    -Christmas, obviously
    -Texas BBQ
    -hawaiian luau
    -Carolina party (mine, I'm from SC and did a blow out lowcountry dinner. Again, spent $400.)
    -January "baby, it's cold outside" theme --soup salad and bread
    -wear your favorite football colors, support your favorite team tail gate party(mine, last September)
    -Valentine fondue for friends and lovers party theme, I can't remember...

    Anyway, does anyone have any killer ideas????? I thought about a leprechaun party, but don't know what to serve?!?
    I am TOTALLY open to any and all suggestions. TIA!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mardi Gras----cajun baby!!!
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    We have a dinner club with 5 other couples. Here is how we do it.
    Couple a : appetizer one
    Couple b : appetizer two
    Couple c: salad
    Couple d: side dish
    Couple e: Main dish
    Couple f: desert

    This way it is not so big an expense and couple a moves down to desert for the next meal. Some themes that we have done recently: Tapas, comfort food, use a kitchen gadget that you own but have never used, peppers, chocolate (yum :thumbsup2 ), mood lighting, finger foods. You get the idea. Sometimes we dont have a theme and sometimes people dont follow it. Its really just a guideline. Some ideas were passed around for our next month was st. Patrick’s day or Irish food, green foods. For our next hosting I think we are going to do pirate food aka Caribbean food. Usually the cost isn’t a lot for these meals the drinks are up to the host and they can be as cheep or as expensive as they want. I think that we spent around 150 for our last hosting month and that was with buying good steak for everyone.

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