Anyone going home in July/August????

We'll be at Vero from 8/10-8/13. Then AKL from 8/13-8/18. Then OKW from 8/18-8/27. Hope to see some of you!!!
So far, Ripleysmom, Credit Man, Momof2 and Beach Angel and I will be in WDW last week in August! Do you think we can get a "Minnie" meeting together? Of course, if it's going to be around a pool, it will have to be OKW and not BWV! LOL Let's see what we can do.:earsgirl: :wave:
Gail, you mind reader, you!!! A "minnie" meet would be great and I would definitely be up for that!! We won't be getting in though until later in the day Sunday.

Maybe we could do a late afternoon meet.......
It looks like rbuzzota, mickey7861, Towncrier, and StephenKay will all be at OKW on 7/23 and 7/24. Three of the four of us are checking in on 7/22. StephenKay is checking out on 7/25. It looks like we should get together on either Monday (7/23) or Tuesday (7/24). Drop me an email or send me a private message if you are interested in getting together on either of those days.
I'm arriving early on Aug 20 and leaving late 9/1

A "minnie" meet would be so cool!
We will be at OKW from July 14th until July 28th. Our entire gang will be there. We are looking foreward to seeing our youngest daughter who will be in the Tapestry of Nations Parade!! We are really excited about that. Would love to meet some DIS members while we are there.:bounce:
Hi everybody

This is Stephen Kay's DW here. He is currently serving in Oman on military duties.

I will send him an email letting him know how his post is going.

It sounds fantastic that we could meet up for a "minnie" meet as someone called it earlier and have a face to face chat.

I think that would be great fun! Keep the suggestions coming and we can tee it all up when we have a gang together.

Bye for now

Mary Kay
I think we'll have to wait until we get closer to the day. I know there are some people who are leaving the day after we get there so I'm sure this will take careful and exact planning on our parts.

Actually our flight on 8/26 doesn't arrive until 4:20 which means we won't get to resort until about 6:00 or so. Not sure if that's doable for anyone or if everyone will be headed back to the parks by then but I definitely wanna do a meet!!!

Or I guess (sniff, sniff) you could go ahead and have it without me......
A "minnie" meet would be great for us on 7/23! We have PS reservations at Boma's for breakfast that morning and plan on lounging at OKW for the rest of the day...............Drinks by the pool? How old are your children (if anY?)?

Looking forward to it!!
Looks like we will be at OKW at the same time you, Towncrier, StephenKay and Mickey 7861 will be there. Apparently Dopey2 will be there too. It would be great if we all could meet. July 23 or 24 should be fine with us. We have three daughters and they all will be with us. All of them are grown though--no little ones. Look forward to meeting everyone.
How does sunset at the OKW pool on Monday 7/23 sound? We will be hanging at the OKW pool all day on Monday...........Hope to meet some fellow DISers there!!
A 7/23 Minnie DISmeet by the pool sounds great. Last count shows that rbuzzotta, mickey7861, Towncrier, StephenKay, PKK/MJK, and dopey2 will all be at OKW on July 23rd. How about getting together at sunset at the main pool at OKW. Then we could all carpool over to Stormalong Bay or Luna Park for a mass pool hop. (Just kidding) I just posted a "Magical Meetings" over at so go ahead and signup if you think you can make it.

I'll be there with my DW Sue, MIL Marge, DD Sarah (11), and DS James (13)

Couldn't help but LOL at your "pool hopping" post!!!!
Sounds good to us. We will be my DH (michael) and 3 DD's ---Stephanie (just10), Rachel (5) and Kristen (3).

I am sure they would welcome the whole clan at SAB!!!!!

What time is sunset about??????????
Offical sunset time in Orlando on July 23rd is 6:21PM

Don't they blow a conch shell at sunset?
I'll Be Going Home for the 1st Time to BWV from July 9th to the 19th!! Can't Wait!!
This is sounding better by the minute. Can't wait until DH gets back to tell him we have been arranging a meet at OKW while we are there.

Just for information, we have a 6 year old girl - so hopefully she will have plenty of fellow DISers/DVCers to keep her company lol

Mary Kay

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