Anyone going home in July/August????


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Sep 19, 2000
Just wondering how many DISers will be going home in July/August? We will be at OKW from July 22-27 and then head to the west coast of FLA for the weekend before returning to VWL on July 29-Aug 2.

Hope to meet some fellow DISers..........
We are at OKW 8/26-31, Allstar Music 8/31-9/2 (not using points for the weekend!) and then up to HH on the way home from 9/2-5. How will I ever last until August 26th???!:rolleyes:
We will be at WDW BWV from July 28 through Aug. 2. Spending one night at AKL and then onto the west coast of FLorida. We are returning to WDW on Aug. 11 and 12 staying at OKW. Enjoy!;)
Gail we will be staying at BWV from 8/26-8/31 but then we're moving to Portofino Bay 9/1-9/2 to get some of that FOTL access.
First trip to BWV is July 1st for 5 days:bounce: ! Then we are going over to AKL for 2 mor days! Can't Wait!
are taking advantage of the great rates at AKL this summer. We are going to be at AKL for two nights and then VWL trying out a 1br (already tried out the studio) for 5 nights. My goal is to try every room type of every dvc resort on property (not counting grand villas, too rich for my blood right now when one night there can buy me a week in a studio!). This is the last one we have to try to have tried first hand all of the studios and 1br's!

Aug. 20 for 4 nites at BWV! Our Home!

Cora :bounce:
AKL July 6th and 7th followed by 5 nights at home - OKW! Can't wait! What do you think the chances are that it will be 80 degrees with NO humidity? Hey, I can dream, can't I !!

We'll be home at BWV July 14-19. Our first visit as DVC member.

Rosemary - We'll be at OKW from 7/22 to 8/3 - Do I smell an OKW DISmeet???

Don't forget the Swan/Dolphin DISmeet on 7/26. It's an all day affair that is
turning into quite a production. You can look over on the Community Board
for more details. Or just ask BambiTamby or glo for more details.

Seriously, we should pick a time and place to get together. I have yet to meet
another DISer while staying at OKW. Come on. I know that you're out there.
Coming Home for the first time to visit OKW 7/11 to 7/25
and looking forward to visting our home at WLV.

Stevie Kay
We will be traveling home and staying at BWV for the first time July 8th till the 13th and then driving over to Vero till the 17th! We cannot wait!!!
We will be making our first trip to BWV Aug 9-14 then off to VB for the first time until Aug 17. Always been at OKW before. Looking forward to the change of pace. Just called MS and booked VWL for 6 nights starting the day after Thanksgiving.

Isn't DVC great, all the wonderful places to stay.
I'd be up to meet fellow DIS members....just state the time and place. We hope to take this vacation slowwwwwwwww...........we will be celbrating my DD's b-day and just trying to relax! We can meet at the OKW pool and the 100 degree weather!!!


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