Anyone else leaving on Feb 11th? Are you stressed at all??!

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by mickerbaby, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. mickerbaby

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    May 1, 2002
    We are leaving for WDW in 9 days and although i'm very excited I'm also a bit stressed trying to get everything ready. I don't want to forget something or not do special planning or preperation for the kids (my main reason for the stress!) :sad2: What are you doing right now in preperation for your Feb 11th trip? I'm doing the countdown chain with the kids, I am ordering new DVD's from the library for the plane trip as well as picking up a few little toys or activities for the plane ride. I'm starting to get our spring/summer clothes together to pack, I've got all our dining 'reservations' in order, talking a lot about our hotel and the parks to help get the kids excited too. I'm also bringing valentines cards and candies for the kids so we can celebrate there. What are you doing now in preperation?????
    thanks! :yay:
  2. Disneyrsh

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    Jan 20, 2005
    Eh, every trip we've taken we've forgotten something. It's inevitable! The funniest thing I forgot to pack was underwear. For all four of us! :banana:

    Relax, you can buy it down there if you forget it. Unless it's a family member :teeth:
  3. binky503

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    Sep 30, 2005
    We leave on Feb 11 and I started a list for each of us with things we use on a daily basis. I listed the clothes separate for each child. Then listed all the shampoo stuff on another list. Things will all work out and if you forget anything, Orlando area has lots of stores. Don't get stresses, sit back and relax and enjoy your trip.

    Have a Magical Time..... Maybe we will run into you..

    Pixie dust your way!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

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