Anyone else get odd TA requests today?


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
I e-m'd Pinpics just now.
But this morning I had two automatic TA requests for pins I don't have listed as trades.:confused:
One I might have had listed briefly a few weeks ago. (Not really sure I did.)
And the other I am not showing is even a valid pin anymore. And again, not so sure I ever had it listed as a trade. Pin 3974
Anyone showing that Pin 3974 is still in Pinpics? :confused:
I thought it was just me....I took myself off of ta months ago because I couldn't keep up my at the Cont. they changed too fast...but I still get requests, and off the wall ones at that...

Britt replied right away. One he said I did have as a trade at one time. (It must have been very brief. I just bought that pin. And I don't recall -- I either traded it right away, or removed it soon after as a trade pin.)
The other, that is not a valid pin, he said there is a bug and he will check into it.


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