Anyone else from a racially diverse family?

Zippa D Doodah

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Apr 9, 2003
I am the first born son, but not the oldest. I have three adopted brothers. One who is 6 years older and me (African-American), one who is ten months younger than me (white), and one who is 18 years younger than me (Latino/white mix). My oldest brother married a woman from Colombia, and they have three beautiful kids, all married to or dating people of varied ethnicity. Me? I am white, as are both my parents. It was so strange how my family evolved. I was an only child until I was 8, then Mom and dad started adopting my three brothers. I love them all very much; I have often wondered how the bond would any different between biological brothers; how could the love be any greater?

I married a woman of the same race as me and we havetwo biological children.

All but the youngest brother has moved away from home, so we don't all get together much. I can't wait for the family reunion in July. My oldest brother and I are planning top make a video and submit it to Amazing Race. I think we would be a team with a unique makeup. :goodvibes


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Feb 11, 2004
Kind of. I'm caucasian, but my dd is part asian (her paternal grandfather is filippino). I never really thought much of it.


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