Anybody else frustrated? June 2021 DCL Cruises


Earning My Ears
Jul 9, 2012
Even though Canada has said no ships in 2021, DCL still hasn't officially cancelled the summer Alaska cruises. I moved mine to 2022, but I didn't have to wait for DCL to cancel to get my 125% because I had already moved it from 2020 so I already had the 125%.
Did they charge you anything to transfer cruise date?


Grateful for Family
Mar 5, 2021
If the cruise if off the website then it is likely going to be cancelled imminently. If you want the 125 percent credit and use it in 2022, then I would pay it in full asap.


DIS Veteran
May 16, 2007
Did they charge you anything to transfer cruise date?
There is no charge involved in transferring a cruise to a new date provided you haven’t reached your PIF date. Your deposit and any money you have paid just goes towards the cost of the new cruise. Here is a link to DCL information about cancellations.
It is important to note that if you have a 10% OBB discount on your current reservation, in order to keep it for your new cruise, make sure you transfer the reservation instead of cancelling and rebooking the cruise.


Jul 25, 2011
I had the 125 CC from last years canceled cruise that I had rescheduled for June. I went ahead and paid in full in February then as soon as the summer 2022 dates came out I moved my cruise. I didn’t want to chance the price going up like it had last summer before I could book waiting on them to cancel our May/June Cruise.


DIS Veteran
Jul 18, 2001
I was able to reschedule to next summer (July 2022), although it is so frustrating not to be able to do this in 2021, with the great help at Dreams Unlimited, made the changes easy.

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  • nycdisneygal

    DIS Veteran
    Feb 13, 2010
    Has anyone gotten their refund yet for the june cruises? I guess its only been a week but I am just trying to keep on eye on it.



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