Any TV Shows That Were Still Good At The End Of The Series?


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Sep 10, 1999
The other threads about tv shows got me thinking if there were any I thought were still great, or at least worth watching, up through the end of the series. I am still trying to think of one myself. I have watched many series for their entire run, but most get kind of tired, or cast changes happen, and I don’t feel as strongly about them by the end.

Were there any shows that you thought were consistently good throughout their entire run? You may spark me to binge watch some of them!
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    Oct 29, 2004
    Scandal - it has parts of some seasons that went downhill the 2 times Kerri Washington was pregnant and I guess, couldn't stand to be touched by anyone else but her husband. So they always had to make her character, Olivia Pope, have a conflict with the male characters she was involved with. But, as soon as she wasn't pregnant again, the storylines would heat up again and get back on track. Thank GOD she wasn't pregnant when they ended the show. It lasted a season longer than it should have, (6 seasons,) because of her pregnancy in Season 5. But, man, Season 6 really had twists & turns and ended on a great note! :yay: I couldn't delete the season finale from my DVR, even after watching it, or the entry for recording the entire series, for a long time, as I was in mourning that the show had ended, and that would have really finalized the ending of an era.
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    Jul 1, 2007
    The Office ended great, some earlier episodes in the last season weren’t the best though.

    Friends, I loved them all!



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