Any tips for PS at Cinderella's Royal Table?



At 7:00AM today I called for priority seating at Cindy's for 6/25(exactly 60 days).I know this is the most popular character breakfast, but I did everything by the book this morning and was shut out by 7:05AM! It doesn't seem possible for them to fill ALL requests in 5 minutes. Do they save any slots for package deals or travel agents? I have three more mornings of phone calls and would appreciate any advice from the experts.
Hi! hope this helps! I had a cast member tell me to call twice a day in hopes that would be a cancellation. He was right! I obtained a reservation yesterday! Actually I had my choice of two separate dates the later part of May 01.
I have also heard that they release tables a few days in advance. If possible, don't tell the children you are trying to go to the castle so they won't be disappointed. Then about 2 days before the day you want, give it a try.
I called for PS for the first day of our trip, was on hold at exactly 7, and it was sold out by 7:07. I tried again the next day....started calling before 7 and kept redialing when I got the "we're closed message", so I got right in to the "system" at 7. (Which was what I did the first day too.) They answered at 7:04, and I was able to make PS for 10! Just keep trying for every day of your trip if you have more than one option.

Good luck!


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