Any tips for beggining traders?


Jun 30, 2001
My DD has a small (yet eclectic) collection of pins. She is very interested in attending a pin meet during our trip in latefeb./early march.

Any tips for when...where...particiapation???

Thanks...all tips greatly appreciated ;-)
My first thing to tell you is go to the Contemporary pin meet its every Friday at 7:00pm lots of pins and kids are more than welcomed also we have lots of people that can answer questions and help you along with this nutsy habit of ours.

Second pick a group of pins and stick with i,t dont try to collect every pin there is you will go nuts. If you like Mickey stick with Mickey pins, but collect a few LE's here and there to help you trade as you go... but stick to what you like.

Next be kind to Castmembers, they will always go out the way to help you as long are you are nice to them. A little kindness goes a long way, and they always have stuff in thier pockets for kids ;)

Last I cant belive I beat Nat to be first to post on a question. I mean the man lives on-line Woo hoo one for me.:p
Thank you very much!! Great Advice...We've alredy started our "wish list" for our visit.

Is Friday the only night at the Contemporary for pin meets? We will be staying there Mon-Thursday..check out Friday morning...kind of figures....we will still be at WDW..soooo I'm sure we will go over for the trade..

Is parking an issue if your not staying at the resort?
Yes sorry Friday is the only day for the Contemporary, but we do have a Saturday meet at the Poly.

And parking not a problem just tell them your here for the pin meet.

Hope you can extend your stay just one more day, come on strechhhhhhhhhh it out one more day you can do it. Think of all the pins you'll get.

Please...your killing me!! LOL

We already upgraded form Coronado to Contemporary...
I'm sure we will be spending our Friday evening at the pin meet!!!

Thanks again... :-)
You can't miss Raul .. he's the one with the "Second Mortgages for pin purchases here" sign. :D ;)

Keep an eye on the boards. I'm sure someone somewhere will be up for a mid-week pin meet at WDW. If not, try Scoop's seminar Sunday thru Thursday afternoons at 1:00 at Expo Hall. He gives a great talk on pin making and trading etiquette, and there are usually a number of traders there looking for other traders to .. well, trade. :)

Also, check out the various pin carts ... Pin Central in Epcot, the new hat in MGM, Island Mercantile in AK. Traders usually gather at these locations for impromptu pin trading.

One hint -- we've had a lot of good experiences trading with Japanese tourists. They've always been friendly and a pleasure to trade with, and usually they have pins you've never seen and vice versa.
Thanks again!! Great Advice!!!

We'll be looking for everyone at the Contemporary and Scoop at Expo Hall!!!

Thanks again

GO to Scoop's Pin Talk at Exhibition Hall in the Magic Kingdom. 1pm. It is not to be missed!
If you are starting out, don't go all out at first. Build up your collection gradually. Since CM's can't deny a trade, I recommend trading with them exclusively first until you are able to know more about what's hot and such. Should you start trading with non-CM's, please note that some traders ("Sharks") love to take advantage of new traders. They will talk you in to trading an LE pin for a common open stock or "rack" pin. However, rest assured that these unsavory types are not welcome at both the Contemporary and Polynesian meets.

And most importantly, have fun!!!


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