Any stayed in all star family suites?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Grace and Mickey, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Grace and Mickey

    Grace and Mickey DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Hi looking for info on the family suites at ASmu. We are planning a trip for Sept 2009, . Trying to see if this would work for our family, Our family is me hubby, daughter#1, son in law#2, daughter #2 , son in law #2 and grandson (2years at time of trip) My hubby and I up early, the rest like to sleep in. Hopeing to get free dining, are these available ?
  2. Picabo

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    Aug 31, 2007
    From what I can tell the free dining offer going on NOW is only till Sept THIS year....I am also planning a trip end of 2009 but I doubt the free dining offers would come out till NEXT year on that.

    I have not stayed at ASMSuites but I know a few people who have. They didn't have so many adults in there though. Most had 2-3 adults and 2-3 kids with them. I beleive there are 2 Q beds and a pull out double sofa and a pull out toddler size bed. So theoretically if you all didn't mind such close'd work. PERSONALLY with 3 couples and a child, I'd say you're better off getting 2 connecting rooms. It would even be a tiny bit cheaper, I think.
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  4. lovesdumbo

    lovesdumbo DIS Veteran

    Jun 24, 2003
    You might want to check out this thread:

    I am staying in the family suites for the first time in August and really looking forward to it. I too think you'd be better off in 2 rooms at a value. The suites have the outside door in the living room. The living room has a full size sleep sofa, a chair that turns into a twin bed and an automan that turns into a bed that I've read is either twin size or youth size.:confused3 The bedroom has a queen bed.

    If you & your DH have the bedroom you could get up and get ready without disturbing the others but you've have to go through their room to get our of the suite.

    If you had 2 value rooms you would have 4 full size beds.
  5. TexasTodds

    TexasTodds Mouseketeer

    Dec 28, 2007
    I would even think that 3 rooms at a value wouldn't be a bad thing, so that everyone would have a bit of privacy. The DD with a hubby and a child should maybe have one room; wouldyour other married daughter be willing to share a room with her sister/DBIL/child or would she be willing to share a room with her parents?

    It just seems a little close for comfort to me, especially since the values have only one sink, and no curtain for the dressing area ( I know that some bring one). All that being said, I found POR to be fine with me, DH, and 3 kids. I don't think it would have worked sharing a room with my brother and his wife (even with no kids, and we get along very well).

    Just my opinion...:rolleyes1
  6. minnie61650

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    Jun 7, 2005
    The Family Suites start at $184 a night duing value season.
    Most of the Disney resorts (excluding DVC) charge extra for more than 2 adults in a room.
    The Family Suites do not charge extra for extra adults.
    1-6 adults can stay in the Family Suites for the same et price.
    The Family Suites have discounts available also so if you keep your eyes open you just may snag a great deal.


    Family Suite info:

    DH and I stayed in a Family Suite at All Star Music ( a value resort) in Sept. of 2006.

    We really enjoyed the Queen size bed, the kitchenette with the microwave, having a sofa and cushioned chair to sit on and relax after a day at the parks before retiring for the evening.

    I thought the pullouts very comfortable.

    They are designed so the back cushion and seat cushion of the pullout support the pullout. There is no metal bar to hurt the sleepers back.

    Info thread--Pullouts in Family Suites at ASMU with photos of how the pullout is supported.

    Here is the layout of the Family Suites:



    -Sleep up to 6 (plus one child under age 3 in a Pak-n-Play crib)
    -Studio amenities and separate sleeping areas giving more privacy than a standard room.
    -Queen bed, full-size pullout sofa, convertible ottoman & chair sleepers
    The pullout chair and large ottoman each pull out into standard size twin beds.
    (4 separate sleepers)
    -Private master bedroom and family room have 27” flat CRT TV and high speed Internet access.
    -Kitchenette with microwave, small refrigerator (4.3 cu. ft) and coffee pot
    -Two-full bathrooms

    Here is my review of the Suites:

    For more photos and info please see this info thread:

    Have fun at Disney wherever you choose to stay!:wizard:
  7. Eeyore's Pal

    Eeyore's Pal Trading pins since before there were rubber backs

    Nov 14, 1999
    We stay at the ASMu family suites at least 1-2 nights on each trip. But we have DH and me in the bedroom, and three grown kids in the living room. Works great for us.

    But you actually have three couples and a child. I don't think this is a great arrangement for the other two couples. As a previous poster pointed out -- no privacy.
  8. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    Jul 6, 2004
    It would probably work, but it would be tight. Espcially if the 2yr old is in a cirb. I'm not sure where you would put it, unless you put it in the kitchen area. And then whoever was in the bedroom would have to walk by him to use their bathroom. Plus one couple would not be able to sleep in the same bed. With so many couples you might be better off with seperate rooms, instead of in the suite.
  9. lfeikert

    lfeikert DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2005
    We just returned from a week at ASMu yesterday. We stayed in a family suite and loved it. It was me, DH, DS4 and DD7. My in-laws stayed in a separate room right next door. I don't think it would have been very fun with two more adults in the suite. You would have to really like togetherness! Once the beds are pulled out, there really isn't much room to get around. For us it was perfect and I would do it again in a second. We spent a lot of time in the room in the afternoons so two tvs and extra space was great. Any other questions, just shoot!
  10. IMGONNABE40!

    IMGONNABE40! <font color=green>Okay, I already am 40, but if I

    Jul 1, 2003
    I think I would go with a suite and an extra room nearby. Then again, I like my space. I have a suite for just me and my 9 YO nephew for our August trip. At one point there was talk of my SIL going with her 2 kids and I figured they would get a separate room and use the kitchen in our suite.

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