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Jan 29, 2001
I just posted something on milesource, and now am going to ask about all the others as well, such as, or, etc. Wondering if anybody can tell me if their program also catered to Canadians. If you have anything to add on these, this is the place!!

My whole family is doing beenz.We will eventually cash them in at jellybeenz to get Disney Dollars.We have only been doing this since January but we already have enough for 65 Disney dollars.We only do the daily available beenz(right now 35)but they do add up.I am also doing My POints which I will hopefully cash in for some RFC certificates(we arent going until next year so I will just let them accumulate until I need them)I just started doing Search Cactus which pays cash for doing daily searches and any money that I make from there will go into our Disney account.WHy dont you join us on the Rewards board.There is a great thread on how to do all of these programs ;)
Hi ChisJo,

I've been doing these for about a year now and I guess I'm up to about twelve programs now so there are lots out there! Do try the rewards board though, there are lots of Canadians there.


Port Orleans 2000
I didn't even know there was a rewards board!! I will have to go over there. Thank you so much.


Canadians can do Milesource, Beenz, Suzykats, Netflip, SearchCactus, Treasuresurfing, Blink, Minrak, Etour, MyPoints,FunnyMoney, giant rewards, Garbageband....and I'm sure there are even more.


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