Any Recent Guests at Groesvenor


Earning My Ears
Apr 30, 2001
We are staying first night at Groesvenor at an Entertainment rate of $77.50/night. I have read to many bad reviews (ie. musty rooms). I hope I didn't make a mistake. We want EE for Monday morning at MK so we want a "Disney" hotel.
I just won a bid on Priceline for two nights for the Grosvenor today. I have seen mixed reviews as well and am hoping for a nice, clean room. Would love to hear more about this property as well.
Hi we stayed there the last week of March this year. Got it thru priceline for $40 per night. We thought it was nice. Our room was clean and fresh smelling. We were in a wing section, third floor facing towards the back/pool area. The service was good. We had all the conviences of on site resorts (early enty & E nights), the bus service to the parks as well as walking distance to Downtown Disney. We would go back.
I'm trying to work out a budget. I got this thru Priceline for $35/night (+ $5 bonus). I'm making a budget trip and my son wanted a hotel close to Downtown Disney (loves Disney Quest). I told him we didn't get to choose so he's real excited since this one is right across the street.

Grosvnor did not have a resort fee. They accidently charged the previous occupants coffee to us but they removed it when they found the receipt was early the morning before we checked in.

The Wyndham did have a resort fee.
That makes a big difference in my budget planning! :) Thanks for taking the time to respond.



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