Any opinions on living in a camper while building a new home?/

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Aug 6, 2000
Our house is up for sale, we just bought a lot, and are planning to build a new home when this one sells. Has anyone out there lived in their camper for 6-9 months while waiting for a new home to be built?? We've been rv shopping, have lots of different ideas of what to buy. Big worry is that if we do that will we then hate camping?? My mother has invited us back to her house to live, but after 9 yrs of marriage and 2 small kids I don't want to move home. I think we're thinking of parking something on her property. By the time we'd pay for storage and rent to live somewhere else, we might be able to get into a great camper which would be tax dedictuble. What do yu guys thinK????
please do you and your family of four a favor,Dont do it!!!! please for the sake of your family,When we were flooded in 94 FEMA let us use a nice travel trailer to use while we rebuilt,it was okay for a while but talk about the walls closeing in a hurry?One thing we can asure you you will know your family better than ever you thought the way it took us about 14 months to get moved in and we also stayed with the inlaws! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
At the time we did not have any children either.Living in one of those from November until September was one experience I do not want to go through again.

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Good luck! I know we couldn't do that for long. Can you imagine the three of us with our dog (collie), two cats and a gerbil? Okay, the gerbil wouldn't be bad ;)

We've thought the same thing when we get our next house only I don't know if we'll build again. It's so stressful! I don't think I could live in a TT while building a house. When we did, one reason we accepted the offer from the buyer was due to the fact they let us rent our house back from them for 3 mos. This plus the month or so to close gave us extra time. They said we could stay until the house was complete, but changed they mind and held us to the agreement. We were about 2-3 wks from moving into our new house. Needless to say, we weren't very happy with them going back on their word. Piece of advice, ALWAYS get it in writing. Anyway, we made the builder put us up in a hotel (on the lake :) ) and had to put our stuff in storage. Our former dog went to one grandma's and the cat went to another. You might be able to get a buyer willing to work a little with you, but all kinds of things can happen when building that could delay move in time. For short term, the camper wouldn't be too bad.

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I don't know if I could do it in a tent trailer, but 2 summers ago our family lived out of our travel trailer from April till September. There's 6 of us, 2 dogs, hampster and gecko. It was crowded sometimes but overall we did just fine. We did spend alot of that time in a campground so the kids thought it was great! The campground was close to where we built so it was fine. The kids just thought it was one big vacation!
Good luck with whatever you decide!


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