Any of the Universal rooms sleep 6?



HI everyone.Am considering focusing most of our Orlando vacation next year in Universal. It will probably be the week of Presiden't Day. We usually stay off site but this year we rented 2 rooms at Disney's All- Stars. Never again. The increse in price over an offsite suite just didn't work for us. Are there any onsite rooms in Universal that sleep 6? How important is it to stay onsite just for the front of the line access? As you can probably tell, I'm" new to Universal" Any info is appreciated . Thanks!
You can probably put 6 people into a deluxe room at HRH. You can also do a suite at both onsite hotels, but they are pretty pricey.
Officially, no rooms at Universal sleep 6, even if the 6th person is a baby. We went last August and had to get 2 rooms. We were told by a couple of people when booking that we'd have to get deluxe rooms since we needed ajoining rooms, which was not true. I wasn't very happy that we had to pay for 2 deluxe rooms when two regular rooms would have been plenty big.
Do standard rooms sleep 5? Our family would like to stay at either PBR or HRH during our next visit to Orlando. My sister just went for the first time this week to Universal and stayed at the PBR. I'm embarassed to admit that she and her husband are into "fibbing" about their family of 6. They have 4 kids (ages 5,8,10, and 13) and their strategy is this: she checks in, and "lies" about the size of their family, while her husband is off with the kids elsewhere. Her justification: she refuses to pay for a deluxe room and believes that families of 6 are discriminated against. We are actually not on speaking terms at the moment because I'm so disappointed of the example she is setting with her kids about being untruthful. Anyway, back to my original question (obviously I really needed to vent !!!) - do any of the rooms accomodate a family of 5 ? Thanks.

We stayed in a deluxe pool view room at the HRH that would have slept 6, two double beds and a convertable couch.

We are a family of 5 and have a deluxe room booked for $155/night in April.
The standard rooms will not accept 5, but the deluxe will. Maybe they have changed their policies about 6 in a room, but we were told that 5 was the limit due to fire code regulations, even if one is a baby. We did get two rooms and it was nice having the extra room to spread out and I really don't like to lie about the size of my family. I can't really blame someone for doing that, though, even though we chose not to.


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