Any Gratuity Changes/Updates????


Apr 7, 2004
Does anyone know if the Recommended Gratuity Guideline has been changed or updated? These were the tips suggested for Servers, Asst Servers, Head Servers & Stateroom Host/hostess. Just want to make sure we budget enought :teacher:

Thanks much!!
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Jun 13, 2002
Try this link to DCL's web site: What About Gratuities?

The way I found it was by typing the word "Gratuities" in the search box and then selecting the topic "Disney Cruise Line® - FAQ - Onboard Services " and then finding the question about "Gratuities"

But to answer your question - the answer is they have not changed (at least for the 7 night cruises)


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May 11, 2000
I would suggest that you budget a bit more than the suggested amount. We felt that our server and room host were so great that they deserved a bit more. Then, you will have extra money if you decide not to tip extra. :flower:

Horace Horsecollar

DIS Veteran
Feb 10, 2002
jrabbit said:
But to answer your question - the answer is they have not changed (at least for the 7 night cruises)

Good idea posting the link.

Although the recommendations have not changed for the server, asst. server, etc., they've added several more lines:

Palo -- Gratuity included

Vista Spa & Salon -- Your Discretion

Babysitting -- Gratuity not expected

Shore Excursions -- Optional; not included in shore excursion price

The really interesting line is that DCL is now saying that for Palo, the gratuity is included. There's been all sorts of discussion on this forum about how much to tip above $10 per per person Dining Option Fee -- with some folks taking the position that none of the Dining Option Fee goes to the Palo service staff.

If we again get the same great service at Palo that we've gotten in the past, I'll add an additional tip -- but I'll start with the understanding that the basic Palo gratuity is covered according to DCL.


Up To My Ears
Sep 18, 2004
We cruised last month and had given our dinner servers the suggested amount and I must tell you that they were very cold to us at the morning breakfast.

We had already decided to give them the suggested price the night before and slip them extra in the morning.

But, by their attitude we found out that they definitely EXPECT more than what is expected. Personally, it was the room hostess who I felt deserved the most!!!!


DIS Veteran
Jun 24, 2002
I usually give the server and assistant server double the amount recommended if they were good. I figure what the cruise is costing, the least I can do is to make sure someone that has truly earned it gets some.

At Palo I never thought of the dining charge as a tip. Interesting that DCL lists it as included. I've always tipped the Palo server what I would normally have tipped for a meal of that kind. Think about $30 or so for two ....

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