Any Experts Out there on Open Bar or Consumption Pricing at Weddings?


DIS Veteran
Jan 1, 2008
Our DS wedding venue(a month away, yay!!!):lovestruc :Pinkbouncgives the option of open bar OR consumption pricing.
We are hosting a 2 hour Welcome Gathering the night before the wedding and the venue does not give us the option of open bar, just consumption.
My gut feeling is that there is absolutely no control over consumption pricing. You are putting full faith in the venue, who really knows how many glasses are served over a two hour period in our case,:eek: a two hour event, or if our DS and future DIL decide to go with consumption pricing for their 5 hour event. Maybe we'll need a home equity loan just to pay for the liquor, LOL!:laughing:
Would very much appreciate any guidance on consumption pricing as we are now "stuck" with this for our 2 hour event. THANKS very much in advance!!!:goodvibes:wave2:


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