Another prblem w/ email notifications?


DIS Veteran
Sep 14, 2003
I have not gotten any email notifications on threads I've subscribed to for the past few hours. I know this because when I go to mthe threads, there are new posts. Could you please check on this? Thank you so much in advance!

I am still not receiving email notifications. Could y'all please check on this ASAP; I am not the only person having problems, and I know that there is nothing wrong with my end of things. I really appreciate the help.

I'm also having the same problem. No emails for threads and private messages. :(

Me too:(

10:59pm on 2-19-04 was the last email message for a thread I recieved--have'nt recieved any pm emails either.
Ahhhh, I see, no emails at all. I usually get them on the clipart thread I have here, but none of late. Guess it is broken for the moment.
Nope, still not receiving any emails. I checked my profile and I am set to receive, but nothing is coming through. Anyone else?
I went into my profile and re-activated the email and pm option.

But I am still NOT receiving notifications to posts.

Ditto, ditto, and ditto--haven't received any notices for days--also, they were spotty before that!


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