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Jan 2, 2002
So if you get the land sea package the Sea portion included in the price is your room,meals,non-alcohol drinks at meals,room that about right? What is included with your land portion? room, obviously but what about meals? tickets ect....--also if you get adjoining rooms on the ship do they give you adjoining at the resort?

I apologize if I sound thick but I am clueless in all thing cruise! LOL!!




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Apr 21, 2000
Hi Kelly! Not dumb questions at all. :)

With the land/sea package the LAND portion includes:

* Your hotel room
* Ultimate Park Hopper Passes (admission to all the parks and water parks, Pleasure Island and DisneyQuest from time of check-in till you leave to board the ship)

The SEA portion includes:

* Accommodations
* Meals (excepct for $5 per peson cover charge at Palo, the adults-only restaurant)
* Entertainment
* Children's programming (except for group babysitting for the the under-3 crowd)

Extras you'll pay for on the cruise include tips, spa treatments, souvenirs, photos, alcoholic beverages, soda (except at sit-down meals), bottled water, excursions, rentals on Castaway Cay.

Happy planning! :)


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Nov 22, 1999
I seem to recall reading that you can add a meal option to the land portion. Actually, what you would have to do is upgrade to the Discovery Magic plan and then use your two options per day for meals. We did Discovery Magic for our last trip to WDW and LOVED it! If you use it for meals, everything but alcohol is included...even the tip!! You can choose almost any restuarant, so we ate at the expensive places like Yachtsmans Steak House and Living Seas. The plan includes two options per day, so you could only do two meals, but believe me, that's MORE than enough.
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Disneynut who married Disneyfreak and had Disneyki
Jan 2, 2002
So what is the price difference with the upgrade to Discoery Magic Plan? Is it worth the cost? My kids break the bank with their eating so I thought that might be worth it. So you get 2 options PER person? Also the price on the DCL website (Land-sea package) that is per adult for the whole 7day land-sea combo right?


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